Patti LoPresti
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Patti LoPresti (Character)
from Analyze That (2002)

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Analyze That (2002)
Patti LoPresti: [at her children] Michelle, Theresa, its 10:30. Stop fuckin' around and get ready for ballet!

Patti LoPresti: Stromboli

Paul Vitti: Sorry to hear about Carmine. He was a good man.
Patti LoPresti: Yeah, I know. You live with someone for 21 year. Then one day they're pulling his torso out of the river. It;s hard.
Paul Vitti: Yeah, I'll bet - especially since the talk is that you were the one that put him there.
Patti LoPresti: That's why I try not to gossip, Paul. It's ugly.

Patti LoPresti: [Rerring to Paul Vitti] Watch him like a hawk. It would break my heart, but if he steps out of line, shoot him in the fuckin' head!
Eddie DeVol: It'd be my pleasure.

Raoul Berman: [Clearly nervous and apologetic when he finds the woman he has been putting down is Patti LoPresti] And if there is anything at all I can do...
Patti LoPresti: [Nastily] Go fuck yourself!
Raoul Berman: Immediately... immediately.
[He hurriedly leaves]
Paul Vitti: He's from the theater.

Patti LoPresti: So, you look good! What? Have you been workin' out?
Paul Vitti: Yeah, I been workin' out who's been tryin' to kill me. You got any ideas about that?
Patti LoPresti: It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you know nobody will be safe unless we end this thing with the Rigazzis.