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Quotes for
Laura MacNamara Sobel (Character)
from Analyze This (1999)

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Analyze That (2002)
Laura Sobel: [after someone trys to shoot Paul at a Japanese resturant] Th-that resturant was really nice, up until the attempted "whacking." Now is that the correct terminology, Mafia shrink?

Dr. Ben Sobel: [Paul and Shiela are having sex in another room, Ben and Laura are lying awake listening. As Paul and Shiela quiet down, Paul glances at his watch] Forty minutes.
Laura Sobel: How much longer are they going to go on?
Dr. Ben Sobel: How much longer 'can' they go on? Another ten minutes, I'm going to either break it up or I'll call the Guiness Book of Records.
[They continue lying there. As it gets loud again, they sit up. They can hear Shiela]
Sheila: [Screaming] Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!
Laura Sobel: Oh, gimmie a break. She's faking!
Dr. Ben Sobel: What?
Laura Sobel: Nobody sounds like that!

Laura Sobel: [to Agent Cerrone as she is leaving how her husband is taken with her legs as Cerrone has crossed them in her short skirt] Just two words of advice as one professional woman to another - pants suit!