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Jack Hall (Character)
from The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
Jack Hall: Professor, it's time you got out of there.
Terry Rapson: I'm afraid that time has come and gone, my friend.
Jack Hall: What can we do?
Terry Rapson: Save as many as you can.

Jack Hall: [on Sam failing calculus] I'm not angry. I'm disappointed.
Sam Hall: Do you wanna hear my side of it?
Jack Hall: Sam, how can there be two sides?
Sam Hall: Hey, look, I got every question right on the final and the only reason why Mr. Spengler failed me was because I didn't write out the solutions.
Jack Hall: Why not?
Sam Hall: I do them in my head.
Jack Hall: Did you tell him that?
Sam Hall: I did. He didn't believe me. He said if he couldn't do them in his head then I must be cheating.
Jack Hall: Well, that's ridiculous! How can he fail you for being smarter than he is?
Sam Hall: That's what I said.
Jack Hall: [smirks] You did? How'd he take it?
Sam Hall: He flunked me, remember?

Jack Hall: Who is it?
Terry Rapson: Terry Rapson. Sorry to call you so early.
Jack Hall: No, professor. It's alright. What is it?
Terry Rapson: Well we've found something extraordinary... extraordinary and disturbing, that is. You recall what you said in New Delhi about how polar melting might disrupt the North Atlantic current?
Jack Hall: Yes.
Terry Rapson: Well... I think it's happening.

Jason Evans: What do you think's going to happen to us?
Jack Hall: What do you mean?
Jason Evans: I mean "us"? Civilization? Everyone?
Jack Hall: Mankind survived the last ice age. We're certainly capable of surviving this one. All depends on whether or not we're able to learn from our mistakes?

Jack Hall: [on the phone to Sam] I will come for you, do you understand me? I will come for you.

Jack Hall: Our climate is fragile. At the rate we're polluting the environment and burning fossil fuels, the ice caps will soon disappear.
Vice President Becker: Professor Hall, our economy is every bit as fragile as the environment. Perhaps you should keep that in mind before making sensationalist claims.
Jack Hall: Well, the last chunk of ice that broke off was the size of the state of Rhode Island. Some people might call that pretty sensational.

Jack Hall: I think we've hit a critical desalinization point.
Janet Tokada: It would explain what's driving this extreme weather.

Terry Rapson: [over the phone] Several hours ago, three helicopters went down over Scotland. They crashed because the fuel in their lines froze.
Jack Hall: At what temperature does...
Terry Rapson: [interrupting] Negative one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.
Terry Rapson: They had to look it up!

Jack Hall: I think we are on the verge of a major climate shift!

[Franks falls through a shopping mall's roof and hangs by his rope]
Jack Hall: Frank! Are you all right?
Frank Harris: I'm fine! Just dropped in to do a little shopping.

Jason Evans: Okay. What happened?
Jack Hall: Well, we had to get inside in kind of a hurry, so I sort of pushed you in.
Jason Evans: I should be used to you pushing me around.

Jack Hall: Australia just saw the largest typhoon ever reported!

Parker: I know you have an innate talent for rubbing people the wrong way, Jack, but why for the Love of God would you aggravate the Vice President?
Jack Hall: Because my seventeen year old kid knows more science than he does.
Parker: Perhaps, but your seventeen year old kid doesn't control our budget. It doesn't matter if HE hates you.
Jack Hall: My son doesn't hate me.

Jack Hall: What do you mean?
Terry Rapson: One of our NOMAD buoys registered a thirteen-degree drop in surface temperature the other day. I've sent you an email.
Jack Hall: Hold on.
Terry Rapson: At first we thought it was a malfunction. But there are four more across the Atlantic showing the same thing.
Jack Hall: This is unbelievable.
Terry Rapson: You predicted it would happen.
Jack Hall: Yes, but not in our life time. This is too fast.
Terry Rapson: There are no forecast models remotely capable of plotting this scenario, except yours.
Jack Hall: My model is a reconstruction of a prehistoric climate shift. It's not a forecast model.
Terry Rapson: It's the closest thing we have. Nothing like this has ever happened before.
Jack Hall: At least not in the last ten thousand years.

Jack Hall: The government has to start making long term preparations now.
Gomez: Jack, all you have is a theory.

Jack Hall: [on the phone] Are you sure you can't get home any sooner than tomorrow?
Sam Hall: [on the phone] Well, look, Dad, I would if I could, you know. It's just... This smell is unbearable Dad.
Jack Hall: [on the phone] Stop kidding around! I want you home.
Sam Hall: [on the phone] Dad, I'll be on the train. Do me a favor, okay. Just don't worry about me. I'll figure it out.

Jack Hall: I'm sure you're aware of what's happening all around the world.
Vice President Becker: We're making all the necessary preparations for this storm. What more do you expect?
Jack Hall: You have to start thinking about large scale evacuations right now. Especially in the Northern states.
Vice President Becker: Evacuations?
Jack Hall: Yes.
Vice President Becker: Have you lost your mind, Hall? I have to go.
Jack Hall: Mr. Vice President, if we don't act now it's going to be too late.

Tony: We've got mountains of data, but nowhere near enough computer power to analyze it. Can you help us?
Jack Hall: Send us what you've got. We'll do our best.

Jack Hall: When this storm is over, we'll be in a new ice age.
Terry Rapson: My God.

Jack Hall: [on the phone to Jack] Sam, forget what I said about trying to head South. It's too late for that. The storm is just going to get worse.

President Blake: What exactly are you proposing, Professor?
Jack Hall: Evacuate everyone South of that line.
President Blake: What about the people in the North?
Jack Hall: I'm afraid it's too late for them. If they go outside, the storm will kill them. At this point, their best chance is to stay inside. Try to ride it out. Pray.