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Quotes for
Kathleen Cleary (Character)
from Wedding Crashers (2005)

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Wedding Crashers (2005)
John Beckwith: How long have you and the Secretary been married?
Kathleen Cleary: 30 years next April.
John Beckwith: That's beautiful.
Kathleen Cleary: Yeah. And we were faithful for two of them.

[Kathleen Cleary walks into John's bedroom, unbuttons her blouse and shows John her boobs]
Kathleen Cleary: I just had my tits done. You like 'em?
John Beckwith: [shocked] Those... seem like lovely tits.
Kathleen Cleary: William doesn't give a shit about my tits.
John Beckwith: Well, darn him. But Mrs. Cleary, this is pretty sudden...
Kathleen Cleary: Oh, you been playing "Cat and Mouse" with me ever since you came here.
John Beckwith: Mrs. Cleary, I don't...
Kathleen Cleary: Call me Kat.
John Beckwith: Okay, Kat.
Kathleen Cleary: Call me "Kitty Kat".
John Beckwith: Okay, Kitty Kat. This feels "borderline" inappropriate.
[Kathleen walks closer to John]
Kathleen Cleary: Feel them.
John Beckwith: What?
Kathleen Cleary: I said feel them!
John Beckwith: Mrs. Cleary...
Kathleen Cleary: Kitty Kat.
John Beckwith: I'm sorry, Kitty Kat, are you out of your fucking mind?
Kathleen Cleary: I'm not letting you out of this room until you feel them.
[Completely hesitant and nervous, John feels her boobs; Kathleen moans softly]
John Beckwith: Wow, they feel really nice. Real orb-like. It's amazing what they can do...
[Kathleen shudders and puts her blouse back on]
Kathleen Cleary: Pervert!

[after playing football]
Kathleen Cleary: Boy, it's hot out here.
John Beckwith: Yeah.
Kathleen Cleary: You should've played in your underwear.