Lt. John Bergin
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Lt. John Bergin (Character)
from I, Robot (2004)

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I, Robot (2004)
Detective Del Spooner: What if I'm right?
Lt. John Bergin: [sighs] Well, then I guess we're gonna miss the good old days.
Detective Del Spooner: What good old days?
Lt. John Bergin: When people were killed by *other people*.

Lt. John Bergin: What is the matter with you? Traffic Ops tells me you're driving your car manually. You ran two trucks off the road!
Detective Del Spooner: John, the robots attacked my car.
Lt. John Bergin: What robots?
Detective Del Spooner: Look in the tunnel.
Lt. John Bergin: I just came from that tunnel. There are no - What robots?
Detective Del Spooner: [shouting] The goddamn robots, John!

Lt. John Bergin: I've been thinking. This thing's like the Wolfman.
Detective Del Spooner: Uh-oh, I'm really scared, John.
Lt. John Bergin: No, seriously. Guy creates monster. Monster kills guy. Everyone kills monster. Wolfman.
Detective Del Spooner: That's Frankenstein.
Lt. John Bergin: Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, shit, it's over.

Lt. John Bergin: Spooner.
Detective Del Spooner: [turns around]
Lt. John Bergin: [sighs] Nice shoes.

Lt. John Bergin: [to Spooner] You're living proof that it is better to be lucky than smart.

Lt. John Bergin: [Spooner is watching a video of Lanning's speech at the station] Tell me this isn't the robot case.
Detective Del Spooner: I think he's trying to tell me something, John. He's trying to tell me who killed him.
Lt. John Bergin: Come on, man. Some dead guy's trying to tell you something?
Detective Del Spooner: [repeating Calvin's line] Hey! He ain't just some dead guy.

Lt. John Bergin: Now, tell me what happened today.
Detective Del Spooner: Nothing.
Lt. John Bergin: Better be the last nothing.