Jackson Bentley
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Jackson Bentley (Character)
from Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

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Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
[asked by reporter if he knew Lawrence]
Jackson Bentley: Yes, it was my privilege to know him and to make him known to the world. He was a poet, a scholar and a mighty warrior.
[after reporter leaves]
Jackson Bentley: He was also the most shameless exhibitionist since Barnum & Bailey.

Jackson Bentley: Never saw a man killed with a sword before.
T.E. Lawrence: [contemptuously] Why don't you take a picture?
Jackson Bentley: Wish I had.

Jackson Bentley: What is it, Major Lawrence, that attracts you personally to the desert?
T.E. Lawrence: It's clean.

Jackson Bentley: You answered without saying anything. That's politics.

Jackson Bentley: Is Major Lawrence in there? Is he in trouble?
Mr. Dryden: I would suspect so. We all have troubles. Life is a vale of troubles.

Jackson Bentley: [on his interest in Lawrence and the Arab Revolt] I'm looking for a hero.
Prince Feisal: Indeed, you do not seem a romantic man.
Jackson Bentley: Oh, no! But certain influential men back home believe the time has come for America to lend her weight to the patriotic struggle against Germany... and Turkey. Now, I've been sent to find material that makes this war seem more...
Prince Feisal: Enjoyable?
Jackson Bentley: Oh, hardly THAT, sir. But to show it in its more... adventurous aspects.
Prince Feisal: You are looking for a figure that will draw your country towards war?
Jackson Bentley: All right, yes.
Prince Feisal: Lawrence is your man.

Prince Feisal: Do you know General Allenby?
Jackson Bentley: Watch out for Allenby. He's a slim customer.
Prince Feisal: Excuse me?
Jackson Bentley: A clever man.
Prince Feisal: Slim customer. It's very good... I'll certainly watch out for him. you're being very sympathetic Mr. Bentley.

Jackson Bentley: Ow, you rotten man... here, let me take your rotten bloody picture... for the rotten bloody newspapers.