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The King (Character)
from Cinderella (1950)

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"Faerie Tale Theatre: Rumpelstiltskin (#1.2)" (1982)
The King: I see in you the mark of intelligence.
Miller: Me, sir?
The King: You, Miller. I am surrounded by fools, you are the man that will give me good advice.
Miller: Me?
The King: Are you not intelligent?
Miller: [Shaking his head; then nodding it.] Uh yes sir, mmmhmm!

The King: It will be done. Tonight. Tomorrow all this straw will be gold or I will not be pleased.
The Wizard: He will not be pleased.
The King: And you will die.
The Wizard: You will die.

The King: She embroiders tapestries that resemble gold?
Miller: Well in a way, sir, they are gold.
The King: In what way are they gold?
Miller: In a sort of a gold way they are gold.

Miller: I do know of one beauty. If you can believe her boasting father.
The King: Oh really? Who?
Miller: My daughter.
The King: Your daughter?
Miller: Yes my lord.

[King, Daughter and Wizard enter larger straw room]
The miller's daughter: All this? Into gold?
The King: By morning.
The Wizard: Or...!
The miller's daughter: I die.

The King: Who stands out there?
The Wizard: Your loyal subjects. Come to pay their monthly tribute.
The King: Send me one.
The Wizard: Sir?
The King: Send one of those fellows in here.
The Wizard: Which sir?
The King: I don't care. Send me that lowely stupid looking one that's covered with dust. Who's he?
The Wizard: The miller, sir, with his sack of flour.
The King: He'll do.

The King: You must spin for me just one more night then I will make you my wife.
The Wizard: Wife?! Uh, I mean to say, oh your wife?
The King: My queen!
The Wizard: The Miller's Daughter, my lord, your queen?
The King: Yes you toothless rube, where else am I going to meet a girl who is richer?!
The Wizard: [dignity stricken] I have teeth, sire.

The King: [While the opening credits theme plays] Stop!
The Wizard: Your Majesty?
The King: No more music!
The Wizard: yes, Your Majesty, but why, Your Majesty?
The King: I am unhappy.
The Wizard: But why, Your Majesty, every princess in this world has begged to marry you.
The King: Yes, yes.
The Wizard: Princess Ansonia of Brazard, she who is more beautiful than even the royal swan.
The King: Yes, yes.
The Wizard: Princess Delgoon of Venzor.
The King: Yes, yes!
The Wizard: Princess...
The King: Yes, NO! None of these names excite me. Except maybe to excite me to anger.

The King: More music, and faster! Faster!

The King: [the baby sneezes] Ah, the prince has spoken!
The Wizard: [forced] Oh yes, my lord.

The King: I'm so pleased, with all this gold.

King: Who stands out there?
Wizard: Your loyal subjects come to pay their monthly tribute.
King: Send me one.
Wizard: Sir?
King: Send one of those fellows in here.
Wizard: Which, sir?
King: I don't care. Send me... That lowly stupid looking one that's covered with dust. Who's he?
Wizard: The miller, sir, with his sack of flour.
King: He'll do.

King: You must spin for me just one more night. And when you do, I will make you my wife.
Wizard: Wife? Uh, I mean to say, oh your wife?
King: My queen.
Wizard: The miller's daughter, my lord, your queen?
King: Yes, you toothless rube, where else am I going to meet a girl who's richer?
Wizard: I have teeth, sire.

King: I see in you the mark of intelligence.
The Miller: Me, sir?
King: You, Miller. I am surrounded by fools. You are the man who will give me good advice.
The Miller: Me?
King: Are you not intelligent?
The Miller: Um...
[Shakes his head, then nods]
The Miller: Yes, sir, mm-hmm.

Cinderella (1950)
[as the Prince bows uninterestedly to the various female ball guests]
The King: Ah! The boy isn't cooperating.
Page: Mademoiselle Leonora Mercedes de la Tour. Daughter of Colonel and Madame de la Tour.
The King: I can't understand it! There must be at least one who'd make a suitable mother...!
Grand Duke: Shh! Sire!
The King: Er, a suitable wife.

The King: I give up. Even I couldn't expect the boy to...
Grand Duke: Well, if I may say so, Your Majesty, I did try to warn you; but you, Sire, are incurably romantic.
Grand Duke: No doubt you saw the whole pretty picture in detail. The young prince bowing to the assembly. Suddenly, he stops. He looks up. For lo... there she stands. The girl of his dreams. Who she is or whence she came, he knows not, nor does he care, for his heart tells him that here, here is the maid predestined to be his bride.
[Unbeknown to him, the very events he has described have occured as he spoke]
Grand Duke: [chuckles] A pretty plot for fairy tales, Sire. But in real life, oh, no. No, it was foredoomed to failure.
The King: Failure, eh? Ha-ha! Take a look at *that*, you pompous windbag!

The King: My son has been avoiding his responsibilities long enough. It's high time he married and settled down.
Grand Duke: Of course, your Majesty, but we must be patient...
[throws an inkwell]

[as the Duke tries to tell the King Cinderella has run away]
Grand Duke: Your Majesty...
The King: So he's proposed already! Tell me all about it.
Grand Duke: Well, Sire...
The King: Who is she? Where does she live?
Grand Duke: Well, I didn't get a chance...
The King: Oh, no matter, we've more important things to discuss. Arrangements for the wedding, invitations, a national holiday, all that sort of thing.
Grand Duke: But, but, Sire...
The King: Here, here, have a cigar. Take a few more.
Grand Duke: But, but, but...
The King: Better practice passing these out, eh?
Grand Duke: But, but, but, if you'd only listen...
The King: [takes out sword] And, for you, my friend...
Grand Duke: Your Majesty, please...
The King: A knighthood. I hereby dub you, sir... er, er, by the way, what title would you like?
Grand Duke: Sire, she got away.
The King: Sir "She Got Away... " A peculiar title, but if that's what you... She WHAT? Why, you, you, you traitor!
Grand Duke: Now sire, remember, your blood pressure!
The King: TREASON!
Grand Duke: No, sire, no!
The King: SABATOGE! You were in league with the prince all along!
Grand Duke: I tried to stop her! But she vanished into thin air!
The King: A likely story!

[as the King chases the Grand Duke for letting Cinderella get away]
Grand Duke: But its true, sire! All we could find was this glass slipper!
The King: The whole thing was a plot!
Grand Duke: But sire, he loves her. He won't rest till he finds her. He's determined to marry her.
Grand Duke: [dodges sword]
The King: What? What did you say?
Grand Duke: The prince sire! Swears he'll marry nobody but the girl who fits this slipper.
The King: He said that, did he?
[kisses the glass slipper]
The King: Ha ha. We've got him!
Grand Duke: [cuts the chandelier both of them are hanging onto; there's a scream and a crash]
Grand Duke: But, Sire, this slipper may fit any number of girls.
The King: That's his problem. He's given his word, we'll hold him to it.
Grand Duke: No, no, your Highness. I'll have nothing to do with it.
The King: You'll try this on every maid in my kingdom. And, if the shoe fits...
[runs his sword under the Duke's nose]
The King: Bring her in.
Grand Duke: Yes, your majesty.

The King: When the boy proposes, notify me immediately!
Grand Duke: [Mocking the King, not realizing he hasn't left the room yet] "Notify me immediately!"
The King: ...and REMEMBER!
[the Duke jumps and breaks his monocle in shock]
The King: If anything goes wrong...
[slices finger across his throat menacingly]

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (2007) (V)
King: I trust you son, it's the talking mice I'm worried about!

King: Son! Come back! We'll find you a doctor! We'll have you leeched!

King: You think there's only one woman in the whole kingdom who wears a size four-and-a-half?
Prince Charming: It's all I have to go on here.

King: Keep in mind I'm an old man and my heart can only take so much. Please, please, please, tell me that this is the girl you intend to marry.
Prince Charming: All the stars are shining brighter, Dad, just like you said.

King: Does anyone wanna marry my son?

Anastasia: [returning the King's seashell] Your majesty, I don't deserve this.
King: Everybody deserves true love.

The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella (1976)
[having been accused of cheating by the Queen]
The King: Kings never cheat! They adapt to circumstances. But they never cheat!

The King: Oh Lord, who let him in?

The King: Half the size of your mother's!

Cinderella (1997) (TV)
King: Who is that charming girl?
Queen Constantina: No one seems to know. She is stunning isn't she?
King: A vision. Why, if I were young man I'd.
Queen Constantina: Yes, dear?
King: Well, I'd be younger, wouldn't I?
Queen Constantina: Yes, dear.

Queen Constantina: So many beautiful girls! He'll meet someone tonight.
King: And if he doesn't?
Queen Constantina: This ball will never end!
Lionel: I don't think we ordered enough food.

Cinderella (1965) (TV)
King: A woman given to sudden, mysterious appearances and disappearances seems to me to lack the first qualification for a queen.
Queen: And what is that, my lord?
King: She should not disappear into thin air.
Queen: Oh, I am certain that once married, she would settle down.

Prince: It would not be so bad if I saw them as fair young maidens.
King: How else do you see them?
Prince: As contenders for a prize and I am the prize.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002) (V)
The King: I can see my castle!

The King: What a lovely moon!

"Faerie Tale Theatre: The Princess Who Had Never Laughed (#5.2)" (1986)
King: Now go to your room, you ungrateful child, before I get really angry and suspend your library privileges!
Princess Henrietta: Oh, don't I wish!

"Faerie Tale Theatre: The Dancing Princesses (#6.3)" (1987)
The King: Bills, bills, bills, nothing but bills! Two thousand francs for oranges? They might as well squeeze me dry! A thousand five hundred francs for muskets? Why, there hasn't been a shot fired in this kingdom for years! They can see a king coming a mile away!