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Quotes for
Mieke (Character)
from EuroTrip (2004)

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EuroTrip (2004)
Scott: Mieke, I'm here!
Mieke: [walks forward with a smile] Who are you?

[last lines]
Scott: [on the phone with Cooper and Jenny] Hold on, this must be my new roommate.
[Scotty opens the door and finds Mieke standing there]
Cooper: [yelling over the phone] What's the freak look like? Is he a dork or is he cool? He better not be cooler than me. Is he bigger than me?
Scott: I just got your last email. What are you doing here?
Mieke: Going to college.
Scott: You're going to college here? What dorm?
Mieke: This one. Room 2-1-4.
Scott: How is this possible?
Mieke: I guess they thought I was a guy.
Scott: Now who would be dumb enough to make a mistake like that?
[Scotty and Mieke kiss]
Cooper: [over the phone] Do I hear kissing? Are you making out with your new roommate, Scotty?
[Scotty and Mieke fall on Scotty's bed laughing and continue to make out]
Cooper: Scotty? Scotty? *Scotty*!
Green Fairy: [Green Fairy appears] This happy ending is bullshit! When does the fairy get laid? I'm outta here!
[makes the words The End appear with his wand, flies away]

Mieke: I'm so sad and lonely. I just wish... someone would show up and sweep me off my German feet.

Mieke: Let us make love for one whole month. Touch me, Scotty.
Scott: Ok!