Raleigh St. Clair
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Raleigh St. Clair (Character)
from The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

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The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
[the priest breaks his ankle and is being loaded into the ambulance]
Raleigh: Do you have an alternate?
Priest: No.
Raleigh: Are there priests on call?

Raleigh: You've made a cuckold of me.
Margot: I know.
Raleigh: Many times over.
Margot: I'm sorry.
Raleigh: And you nearly killed your poor brother.
Ethel: What's he talking about?
Margot: It doesn't matter.
Raleigh: She's balling Eli Cash.

Medical Student: [about Dudley] Can the boy tell time?
Raleigh: Oh, my Lord, no.

Dudley Heinsbergen: You wanna play some word games, or do some experiments on me or anything?
Raleigh: [lying on the couch, depressed after hearing about Margot's adultery] No.

Raleigh: You don't love me any more, do you?
Margot: I do, kind of. I can't explain it right now.

Raleigh: Are you ever coming home?
Margot: Maybe not.
Raleigh: You're joking.
Margot: No.
Raleigh: Well, I want to die.

Raleigh: [Into tape recorder, softly] Dudley suffers from a rare disorder combining symptoms of amnesia, dyslexia, and color-blindness, with a highly acute sense of hearing.
Dudley Heinsbergen: [from adjoining room] I'm not color blind, am I?
Raleigh: I'm afraid you are.

Raleigh: [after reading a private investigator's research on Margot's background, which reveals she's been a smoker since she was 12, she married a man in Jamaica at 19, has had numerous affairs and one-night stands with men and women, including Eli Cash] She smokes.