Noah Percy
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Noah Percy (Character)
from The Village (2004)

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The Village (2004)
Ivy Walker: I heard my parents speaking of you... you wish to go to the towns. I think it is noble but I do not think it is right.
Lucius Hunt: Are you not angry you have no sight?
Ivy Walker: I see the world, Lucius, I do. Just not as you see it.
Lucius Hunt: ...What of Noah, then? What if there are medicines that could help him be still and to learn?
Ivy Walker: May we stop speaking of this, it is putting knots in my stomach.
[walks then turns]
Ivy Walker: ... Kitty, is to be married. She's found love... again. It's Christop Crane. You'd think an odd match though. He won't sit back in his chair for fear of setting wrinkles in his shirt. But he does have a gentlemanly way about him. And he does care for my sister... deeply. I think Kitty is blessed... I am blessed as well. My older sister is now spoken for. I am now free to receive interest from anyone. Who might have interest?
[smiles and turns, goes in the house]
Ivy Walker: Has anyone seen Noah?
[goes to closet, opens, gets a blanket, and closes the door and leaves]
Noah Percy: [hiding in closet, watches Ivy leave and laughs silently]

Noah Percy: They're coming! Come on in!
Kitty Walker: [to Ivy] Just close the door!
Ivy Walker: Lucius is outside walking.
Noah Percy: They're coming!
Kitty Walker: He's inside safe somewhere. Please, close the door!
Ivy Walker: He'll come back to make sure we're safe.
Kitty Walker: Ivy. Ivy, please!
[Ivy holds her hand out the door]
Kitty Walker: [whispering] Please.
Ivy Walker: ...No.
Kitty Walker: [whispering] Don't let them in.
[Dark shape looms closer. As it reaches Ivy, Lucius suddenly grabs Ivy's hand and pulls her inside]

Noah Percy: [about to have a footrace] No cheating!
Ivy Walker: What a deeply scandalous thing to say! I insist you take that back! Is that the school bell?
[runs off]

Ivy Walker: We ought not to return right away, huh? What shall we do with our stolen time? Hmm...
Noah Percy: Hmm...
Ivy Walker: Hmm... Shall we have a foot race?
Noah Percy: Yes!
Ivy Walker: Up the hill to the resting rock?
Noah Percy: [points accusingly] No cheating.
Ivy Walker: What a deeply scandalous thing to say. I insist you take it back. Is that the school bell?
[as Noah turns to look, she bolts and runs]
Noah Percy: [turns back, runs after Ivy] Ivy, you cheated!

[repeated line]
Noah Percy: They're coming.

Noah Percy: [near-hysterical, laughing and sobbing] ... Bad color! Bad, bad color! Bad c-color...!

Ivy Walker: Noah Percy! Stop your fussing right this moment.
Ivy Walker: you're in trouble, you know. I'm to place you in the quiet room.
Noah Percy: Um, I'll cry quarts.
Ivy Walker: What if we strike a deal?
Noah Percy: Yeah, capital idea!
Ivy Walker: It would be prudent to keep our deal a secret. Can you do that?
Noah Percy: Can I keep a secret? Like a chuch mouse.
Ivy Walker: You needn't go into the quiet room if you take an oath to never strike any person again.
Noah Percy: No hitting, no hitting.
Ivy Walker: No, no hitting.
Noah Percy: No hitting.
Ivy Walker: No hitting.
[They shake hands. Ivy points to her cheek. Noah kisses it]
Ivy Walker: The deal is struck