Lucius Hunt
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Biography for
Lucius Hunt (Character)
from The Village (2004)

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Lucius Hunt is a quite, shy and reserved young man. Born to the village elder Alice Hunt, has grown to become a smithee in the village of Covington.

Though quiet, Lucius is also very observant. Lucius makes note of how much has afflicted the townspeople. Lucius has made note of the mental state of Noah Percy, and the death of elder August Nicholson's son. After this death, Lucius comes forth to the elders, requesting to be allowed to journey to "The Towns" to bring back medicines he feels could help them in times of need.

After his request is denied, Lucius notes that Noah Percy has found some red berries that do not grow near the village. Lucius soon comes to believe that the creatures that lurk in the woods allowed Noah to venture in because of his innocence, which leads Noah to believe they will not harm him if he were to venture in, as he intends no ill will.

His second request is denied by the elders, and his mother Alice tells him a cautionary tale about "the towns," where his father was killed. Lucius cannot understand why his good intentions are being denied, which frustrates him. Lucius also notes to his mother how it seems she has eyes for Edward Walker, another of the village's elders.

Lucius is known by the Walker family, of which he has been childhood friends with their youngest daughter, Ivy. Lucius is at one point asked by Ivy's older sister Kitty to be considered for marriage. However, Lucius refuses Kitty's request. Lucius is usually looking out for Ivy, who also seems to be interested in him as well. After Kitty is proposed to by another young man, Ivy and Lucius make note of their feelings for the other, and tell the elders of their intent to marry.

The mentally unstable Noah Percy hears of this, and confronts Lucius, stabbing him repeatedly. Lucius' wounds are severe, and he is bed-ridden for the remainder of the film.

However, he has a sense of bravery that he shares with his only true love Ivy (Bryce Dallas Howard). Their love and bravery is truly put to the test once Lucius' life hangs in the balance.

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