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'The Schofield Kid' (real name unknown) is a character in Clint Easwood's 1992 film Unforgiven. He is introduced as a young cowboy looking to recruit William Munny, living in Kansas, to kill two cowboys (Davey Bunting and Quick Mike) in the town of Big Whiskey, in Wyoming, and collect the $1,000 reward from a group of prostitutes offended by the men.

The Schofield Kid claimed to be named for carrying a Schofield rifle, rather than being born in Schofield, as first suggested by William Munny. He boasts killing five cowboys, and offers to split the $1,000 reward with Munny, a notorious murderer, in return for his help in killing Davey Bunting and Quick Mike. Munny initially refuses, but eventually he approaches his neighbour and another retired gunfighter, Ned Logan. The two encounter the Schofield Kid again on their journey to Wyoming, when he starts shooting at them, believing them to be rival cowboys. It becomes apparent that the Schofeild Kid is short-sighted, when Logan asks him to shoot a bird in the sky which isn't there, and he pretends he can see it.

When Munny, Logan and the Kid arrive in Big Whiskey, they approach the whorehouse to find more information on the cowboys they are to kill. Munny, ill after the journey, is beaten up by Little Bill Daggett while he waits in the salon, and Logan and the Kid are forced to escape through the back window.

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