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Zip (Character)
from Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) (VG)

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (2006) (VG)
Zip: This must be where Santa's evil brother lives.

Lara Croft: [Hanging off a cliff] Breathe, Zip. It's just like going up a set of stairs, only far less boring.
Zip: Yeah? Well I wanna throw up every time you look down.

Alister Fletcher: It's called Coincidence.
Zip: Hmm, funny name for a sword.

Zip: Oh, so that's where we put the temple.
Lara Croft: Grand entrances are always impractical, that's what makes them grand.

Zip: Now, I don't get it. Weren't Excalibur and the sword in the stone the same thing?
Alister Fletcher: They were two bloody different swords!
Lara Croft: Now really, Zip, that was too easy.

Alister Fletcher: [after Lara has just sent a forklift hurdling over a ledge] Are you all right?
Lara Croft: I decided to take the slow way down instead.
Zip: Should've told that to the forklift.

Zip: The connection isn't too strong, so you probably won't be able to hear much once you're under water.
Lara Croft: There is a God.

Zip: It's the center of the evil coat rack empire.

Zip: Ouch. That sounded permanent.
Lara Croft: Death by irony is always painful. Amateurs.

Zip: [a sealed door is blown into pieces] Now THAT'S how you open a door!
Lara Croft: I prefer door knobs.

Lara Croft: Good advice, Zip. You do look after me.
Zip: You, and Winston. He writes the checks.

Zip: [Yakuza goons start firing at a seemingly unarmed Lara and she dives for cover behind a bar. One of the Yakuza calmly walks over to the bar, expecting an easy kill and is blown away when he looks behind it. Lara then stands up holding her trademark pistols, and procedes to kill all the yakuza goons in the room] Where'd you get those?
Lara Croft: Basic ettiquette: Never arrive at a party empty-handed.

Lara Croft: [Lara strolls into a Peruvian town sporting her two trademark pistols. All the town residents quickly run indoors] They don't seem quite so keen on visitors these days, do they?
Zip: Well hey, you're the one with the guns.
Lara Croft: You can't blame me for knowing how to accessorize. Any word from Anaya?
Zip: She said she'd meet you at the statue in the marketplace.
Lara Croft: At least we'll have our privacy.

Zip: [Lara has just blown up a gas cylander and cage on top of Nishimura's building] Nishimura's gunna bill you for that!
Lara Croft: It's not a party until something gets broken...

Lara Croft: [Lara is standing on a cliff looking out over a spectacular african waterfall] If all else fails, I can get into the postcard business!
[Looking through her binoculars, she notices Rutland's men lowering crates into the waterfall]
Lara Croft: Oh, now look at the little termites mucking it all up! That won't do at all.
Zip: Looks like they didn't get in from this side. Any ideas?
Lara Croft: We'll see... I do my best thinking plunging off cliffs.
[Lara proceeds to dive off the cliff into the river below]

Zip: [after Lara pulls down a large screen] Eh, she never did care much for TV.
Alister Fletcher: Maybe now they'll read a book.

Zip: Is that a jaguar?
[the jaguar approaches Lara and pounces on her and she shoots and kills it]
Alister Fletcher: Why big predetors attack prey larger than themselves is a mystery.
Lara Croft: And a pity.

Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008) (VG)
Alister Fletcher: [Having recently discovered that the door to the Croft family crypt was hidden in the wall of their office] This gives me the creeps!
Zip: I wish I still didn't know!
Lara Croft: I warned you that playing your music too loud could wake the dead.

Winston Smith: [Zip fires his gun at Lara] Stop! It's Lara!
Zip: I know!
Lara Croft: [draws her guns] Drop it, Zip, or I'll drop you!
Zip: What, so you can shoot at me again?
Winston Smith: It wasn't Lara. Why would she set fire to her own home?
Zip: She got into the vault. It had to be her.
Lara Croft: Is that what happened here? Someone blew open the vault?
Zip: All right, say it wasn't you. Someone who looked a hell a lot like you opened it using the retina scanner
Lara Croft: Impossible.
Zip: Exactly!

Zip: What are we going to do now?
Lara Croft: After I deal with the authorities, I'm going to Southern Mexico to retrieve Thor's Belt.
Zip: What? Alister's dead! And... it's business as usual?
Lara Croft: I need Thor's belt to get to his hammer, and I need the hammer to kill a god.

[the doppelganger is charging at Lara]
Lara Croft: Ohk Eshivar!
[Upon hearing the control word, the agressive doppelganger suddenly stops and waits for it's next command]
Lara Croft: You have to do whatever I ask now, correct?
[the doppelganger glares at Lara with disdain, and nods slightly]
Lara Croft: Make sure Natla suffers!
[the doppelganger turns and runs off, to carry out her orders]
Zip: You're letting her go? She killed Alister!
Lara Croft: And now she is the instrument of his vengeance!

[Lara has just discovered the Eitr Stone, which is seemingly turning the ordinary water around it in to slimy eitr]
Zip: I've heard of turning water in to wine, but *slime* is a new one.