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Quotes for
Bryce (Character)
from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)
Lara Croft: It's a clock... It's ticking.
Bryce: Oh... one of those ticking clocks, eh?

Bryce: So, time to save the universe again then, is it?
Lara Croft: Absolutely

Bryce: Me bum's gone to sleep again, all down the left cheek.
Lara Croft: Really? That's fascinating.

Lara Croft: Was it programmed to stop before it took my head off?
Bryce: Ah well... that would be a... no.

Lara Croft: We have 83 rooms. Why can't you live in the house?
Bryce: Well, I'm a free spirit, me.

Bryce: This isn't a country, it's an ice cube!

Bryce: What's that smell?
Lara Croft: Five AM

Bryce: My ignorance amuses me... My ignorance amuses me?
Lara Croft: Yes well I've always found your ignorance quite amusing.

Bryce: Lara, it's a clock, it ticks, it tells the time.
[looks at his watch]
Bryce: It's wrong.

Bryce: [taking screws out of clock to open it] ... screw 13 to quadrant 3, screw 14 to quadrant 4...
Hilary: [sighs and rolls eyes] Please.
Bryce: It's my system! So I know where they all came from!
Lara Croft: It's camouflage.
[takes hammer and smashes the clock to pieces]
Bryce: [wincing] Okay.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
Terry Sheridan: I don't suppose either of you know how to fly a helicopter?
Bryce: I can.
Terry Sheridan: What?
Hillary: What...?
Bryce: Yeah. I've got over 150 hours between flight simulation games, models.
Terry Sheridan: And in the real thing?
Bryce: Two.
Terry Sheridan: Two? Well, you're only going to fly it once I'm out, so I hope you remember your two hours well.

[last lines]
[Bryce and Hillary are getting made over by tribes people]
Bryce: Lara, are you okay?
Hillary: Lara, you all right?
Lara Croft: [smiling] This is... very touching.
Bryce: You know us, always making friends... having a laugh.
Lara Croft: Getting married.
Bryce: What?
Kosa: This is a wedding ceremony and you are the grooms.
Lara Croft: Good luck, boys.