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Bullseye (Character)
from Daredevil (2003)

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Daredevil (2003)
Bullseye: [screams] My hands! My hands! You took away my hands... show mercy?

Bullseye: You're good, baby. I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic.

Kingpin: Is there anything else?
Bullseye: Yeah, I want a bloody costume.

Kingpin: How do you kill a man without fear?
Bullseye: By puttin' the fear in him.

Kingpin: Now how did you get past my security?
Bullseye: Oh, you mean that guy?
[points to dead man with pencils in his throat on floor]
Kingpin: Was that really necessary?
Bullseye: Necessary? No. It was fun.

Bullseye: He... made me... miss.
Kingpin: There's an old saying that too much pride can kill a man.

Bullseye: [uses organ pipes on Daredevil] Man without fear... looks like I found something you're afraid of. Let's bring on the pain! Let's bring on the noise!

Bullseye: I missed... I never miss.

Bullseye: Hey, orphan, let's play.

[Bullseye has used airline peanuts to suffocate an annoying passenger]
Flight Attendant: Can I get you anything before we land?
Bullseye: More peanuts... please.

Bullseye: [in Director's Cut DVD] I need a fucking costume!

[takes out a fly with a needle]
Bullseye: Bullseye!

[Father Everett finds Daredevil, badly wounded, in the church; Bullseye enters in pursuit and sends a throwing star into the wall above the Father's head]
Bullseye: The first one's a warning... padre.
Daredevil: Is there a back door out of here?
Father Everett: Yes.
Daredevil: Take it!
Father Everett: What about you?
Daredevil: I'm gonna finish this.
Father Everett: You can't fight like this, son!
Daredevil: Have faith, Father. Isn't that right?

Bullseye: Fisk was right about you. He said you wouldn't go easy.
Daredevil: Fisk? Fisk is the Kingpin?
Bullseye: Yeah. That whole red rose thing? He loves that shite. It's not my style. He hired me to kill Natchios, and to gut your pretty girlfriend too. But me, I'm going for the hat-trick. I told him I'd do you for free!

The Punisher (2004) (VG)
Bullseye, Additional Voices: I don't miss... can't say the same thing about you.
Frank Castle: Its pretty hard to miss some one with a bullseye on his head.

Elektra: The Hand & the Devil (2009)
Bullseye: You're pretty good babe, I'll give you that!
Bullseye: But me, I'm magic!