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Elektra (Character)
from "Daredevil" (2015)

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Daredevil (2003)
Daredevil: Wait. It wasn't me. Stop! It was a hit man named Bullseye. I didn't kill your father.
Elektra: Liar!

Elektra: Nice to meet you, Matt Murdock.
Matt Murdock: Nice to meet you, uh... I didn't get your name.
Elektra: I didn't give it.

Elektra: [after being stabbed] Help me!
Daredevil: Stay - stay with me.

Matt Murdock: [as Elektra is leaving her father's funeral] I know how you feel...
Elektra: You don't know how I feel. I want revenge.
Matt Murdock: Revenge won't make the pain go away. Trust me, I know.
Elektra: There's no place for me now.
Matt Murdock: Yes there is. Stay. Stay with me, please.
[it starts to rain and Elektra puts up her umbrella and he can't see her anymore]
Matt Murdock: [she starts to leave] Elektra. Elektra, wait! Please...

[Matt has taken Elektra up the roof, and it is about to rain]
Matt Murdock: When it rains, it's like there's a rooftop on the world. Each raindrop makes a sound the first time it falls on a surface. Just then, it's like I... it's like I can see again. And I... I just wanna... I just wanna see you.
Elektra: [smiles] Okay.
Matt Murdock: Look. Here it comes.
[it begins to rain, and Matt can now 'see' her]
Matt Murdock: My God... you are so beautiful.
[He kisses her. Then Matt hears men fighting down on the street and pulls away from her]
Elektra: What? Matt, what's wrong? Matt?
Matt Murdock: I'm sorry... I have to go.
[he turns from her, she takes ahold of his wrist]
Elektra: Stay. Stay with me.

[Elektra is reading]
Matt Murdock: I was just looking for some honey. Could you help me out?
Elektra: [not looking up] Right in front of you.
Matt Murdock: [chuckles] Well, could you be a little bit more specific?
Elektra: [looking up] What are you...
Matt Murdock: Blind? Yeah.

[During a playful, flirtatious fight]
Matt Murdock: You're holding back.
Elektra: Yes.
Matt Murdock: Don't.

Matt Murdock: So does every guy have to go through this just to find out your name?
Elektra: You should try asking for my number.

Elektra: You sure you're blind?
Matt Murdock: Sure you don't wanna tell me your name?

Elektra: [about Nelson] Friend of yours?
Matt Murdock: You know, I've never seen him before.

[Elektra follows Matt on a dark street]
Matt Murdock: [stops] Does this mean you want a rematch?
Elektra: [smiling] I knew I'd find you. How did you know I wasn't a mugger?
Matt Murdock: Muggers don't usually wear rose oil or high heels... at least, this far from Chelsea.

Elektra: [tries to remove Matt's shades] Do you mind?
Matt Murdock: Uh, no, I just... sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, that's all.
Elektra: Not me. But you should know that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing was that I wanted to look beautiful for you. I wish you could see me tonight.
Matt Murdock: Me, too.

Matt Murdock: Where'd you learn how to fight like that?
Elektra: My father. He had me study with a different sensei every year since I was five years old.
Matt Murdock: Sounds like he wanted to turn you into some kind of a warrior.
Elektra: No. Just not a victim.

Elektra: I want to look into the eyes of my father's killer as he dies!

Elektra (2005)
[from trailer]
Elektra: I'm not a good person to get involved with.
Mark Miller: I'm not asking for anything.
Mark Miller: [kisses her]
Mark Miller: I'm sorry.
Elektra: [smirks] Yeah, I hated that.

[from trailer]
Mark Miller: Elektra. Like the tragedy. Your parents must have had a sense of humor.
Elektra: Not really.

Elektra: I like your bracelet, by the way. Do you know what those are? Here. They're warrior beads. They're from Indonesia. Centuries ago, you had to be the best fighter in your village to earn them.
Abby Miller: Wow. I bought 'em off eBay.

Abby Miller: What did you tell my dad? Did you tell him I broke into your house?
Elektra: Yeah, because you did break in.
Abby Miller: Well, you didn't have to tell him. I thought you were cool.
Elektra: I'm not.

[from trailer]
Abby Miller: You really kill people for a living?
Elektra: Yeah.
Abby Miller: Why?
Elektra: It's what I'm good at.
Abby Miller: That's messed up.
Elektra: Yeah.

DeMarco: I guess it's all true. The red outfit, the knives. What happens now? You just kill me, straight out, just gulp?
Elektra Natchios: Don't worry. Death's not that bad.
DeMarco: How do you know?
Elektra Natchios: I died once.

Elektra: You talk in riddles, old man.
Stick: It keeps my students alert.

Elektra: You're a pain in the ass.
Abby Miller: Yeah, just like you.

[deleted scene; Elektra wakes up from a nightmare]
Matt Murdock: [off-screen] Are you coming back?
Elektra: [looks over and sees him across the room] Matt?
Matt Murdock: [walks over to her] Come back, Elektra.
Elektra: [after a pause] When I'm ready.
Matt Murdock: I'll be waiting for you.
[Elektra smiles and reaches for him, and wakes up]

[last lines]
Elektra: The second life isn't like the first one, is it?
Stick: Sometimes, it's even better.

"Daredevil: A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen (#2.13)" (2016)
Daredevil: [as the Hand closes in on them] You wanna end it here or on the roof?
Elektra Natchios: I've always liked the fresh air.

Matt Murdock: So, what if... What if... from now on, if... if we make it... wherever you run, I... I run with you?
Elektra Natchios: You're not serious.
Matt Murdock: I've never been more serious. This... Elektra, this is a part of me that I need. And you're the only one who gets it. Without this, I'm not alive. I'm not. Not really. And I know that now, thanks to you. I don't know what we are together, and if we have any chance in the future... I don't... But I... I do know that I'm free with you. Like with no one else.
Elektra Natchios: You hide from yourself. You don't let anyone in.
Matt Murdock: You. I let you in. Think about it. What if this isn't the end? What if it's just the beginning?
Elektra Natchios: No... They'll find us.
Matt Murdock: No, we'll keep moving. We'll change identities. We'll... we'll hide. They'll never catch us. What do you say?
Elektra Natchios: Uh, I say... let's go to London. Yeah? Madrid. Tunisia. There are sexy places to hide.
Matt Murdock: Hey, I've never been further north than 116th Street, so...
Elektra Natchios: Because you love this city.
Matt Murdock: And I'd give my life for it, but... there's one thing in this world that makes me feel more alive. And that's you.
Elektra Natchios: [sighs] I'm the Black Sky, Matthew.
Matt Murdock: Yeah, and I'm the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

"Daredevil: Regrets Only (#2.6)" (2016)
Matt Murdock: I wanna know how you found me.
Elektra Natchios: I know who you are because I watch the news. "The successful apprehension of Wilson Fisk."
Matt Murdock: I wear a mask.
Elektra Natchios: Well, you can't mask that ass. I'd know it anywhere.