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Quotes for
Charlie DeSalvo (Character)
from "Highlander" (1992)

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"Highlander: Turnabout (#2.3)" (1993)
Uncredited dojo patron: Charlie! There's no hot water again!
Charlie DeSalvo: It's still wet, ain't it?

"Highlander: The Zone (#2.6)" (1993)
Charlie DeSalvo: When I was in the Seals, I saw guys with eyes like yours. The lifers. The ones who'd gone to too many battles and never came all the way back.
Duncan 'Mac: Well, I guess that describes me pretty good.
Charlie DeSalvo: It don't begin to describe you and we both know it.
Duncan 'Mac: You're playing psychologist and detective all in one night, Charlie. You're pushing your luck.
Charlie DeSalvo: Maybe. But one day I'm going to find out what you're all about.
Duncan 'Mac: You might be disappointed.
Charlie DeSalvo: I don't think so. You walk pretty close to the edge, McLeod. What are you hiding?
Duncan 'Mac: You don't want to know, Charlie. Some of the people that found out aren't around any more.

"Highlander: Unholy Alliance: Part 1 (#2.14)" (1994)
Charlie DeSalvo: You know, I never thanked you.
Duncan 'Mac: Is this a generic thank you or did I do something?