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Kronos (Character)
from "Highlander" (1992)

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"Highlander: Revelation 6:8 (#5.13)" (1997)
Kronos: You still don't understand, do you? I am the end of time!
Duncan 'Mac: You're history.

Kronos: That's what makes you my perfect right arm, we think alike.
Adam Pierson: I doubt that, Kronos, no one thinks quite like you.

Cassandra: [expecting Duncan to be returning to the hotel room] Duncan what took you so long?
[opens the door, Silas holds it open and Kronos steps in]
Kronos: I'm afraid that Duncan is otherwise engaged. Am I wrong? Don't I owe you something? Too bad you didn't know you had to take my head to kill me.
Cassandra: I'll take it now!
[Caspian lays on her sword]
Kronos: [holding a dagger she stabbed him with during the Bronze Age] I've waited a long time to give this back to you.
[Cassandra backs against the wall, terrified]

Kronos: There are the conquerers and there are the conquered.
Caspian: You want to conquer the world with monkeys?

Kronos: A bomb with the virus in a fountain? How many people do you think that will kill? You've gone soft.
Caspian: [mockingly] I'm scared, are you scared?
Methos: It's a prelude, have you read Aristotle's Poetics? No of course not, you've never even seen Casablanca. What is the first rule of great drama? Start small and build. First a bomb in a fountain to kill a few. Then a public pool to kill a hundred, then a stadium to kill 10,000, then, one drop of the virus in the city's water supply, within a week.
Kronos: And then a country.
Methos: You want to own the world? You offer them a choice. The Horsemen rule or they all die.
Kronos: The Horsemen rule of the world dies. That has a nice ring to it.

Dr. Cernaveda: What are you going to do with Caspari?
Kronos: Rehabilitate him.
Dr. Cernaveda: Are you serious?
Kronos: Uh huh.
Dr. Cernaveda: You can't be serious.
Methos: Why? What did he do?
Dr. Cernaveda: Nobody knows how many people he's killed. They found parts in his basement, his garden... his freezer.
Silas: So why don't they execute him?
Dr. Cernaveda: In a less progressive age he would've been, but today we are more humane. I don't know what you want with this one but believe me, he is better off dead.
Methos: Very humane.

Kronos: We never raise a blade against each other, isn't that right, Methos?
Methos: You said it.

"Highlander: Comes a Horseman (#5.12)" (1997)
Methos: [feels a quickening] Mac, is that you?
[a knife stabs him in the chest]
Kronos: [appearing] Greetings, Brother.
Methos: Kronos!
[gasps in pain]
Kronos: I missed you too.

Kronos: Been a long time. How do you feel?
Methos: [after being stabbed in the chest] Like I left my heart in San Fransisco.
Kronos: I didn't know you had a heart. Does it hurt?
Methos: What do you think?
Kronos: Since you asked? I think you're not used to pain, Brother. What's happened, you gone soft?

Kronos: I like it fine right here. Saloons, women, whiskey. No, I'll think we'll stay put.
Duncan MacLeod: Either way, Koren, on your feet or on your back.
Kronos: I think you came a long way to die.

Kronos: I do love the old ways best.

Kronos: For a long time, I thought you were dead, I didn't bother looking for you. But then I heard rumors, 'Methos the world's oldest man', you slipped up there, old friend, you got sloppy.
Methos: Well we're none of us perfect.
Kronos: I shouldn't be surprised you're still alive, you were always the one I counted on. You weren't the strongest or the toughest, but you were the survivor. It's what you did best... or did.
Methos: So you've come to kill me.
Kronos: It's what I do best! But you do have a choice.
Methos: Well I'm always one for choices.
Kronos: Well, you can either lose your head, or join me.
Methos: Since you put it that way, welcome back, Brother.

"Highlander: Armageddon (#6.2)" (1997)
Kronos: Tell me, Father, which is better, murder, or suicide? See I'd say murder, I could rip out a man's beating heart, confess to you and you'd have to forgive me, wouldn't you?

"Highlander: Not to Be (#6.13)" (1998)
Hugh Fitzcairn: Methos became Richie's teacher, but he taught him a lot more than how to use a sword.
Richie Ryan: It's done.
Methos: Any problems?
Richie Ryan: Yeah, I didn't think a million bucks would be that heavy.
Richie Ryan: Oh yeah.
Kronos: I think our friend is a quick learner.
Methos: Well I can always spot potential.