Lady Claudine Litton
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Lady Claudine Litton (Character)
from The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

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The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
Col. Sharky: I will be forced to shoot you.
Claudine: Who's forcing you?

Inspector Jacques Clouseau: [at Lytton Manor in Nice, while working undercover as a telephone repairman, Clouseau has already annihilated the Lyttons' doorbell!] ... I am from the Nice Telephone Company; there is some trouble with your phone.
Mac: ...I don't think there's any trouble with the telephones here.
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: I know when there is a trouble, and when there is not a trouble, and you may rest assured that there is a trouble.
Mac: Since when?
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Since it was reported.
Mac: By whom? And what sort of trouble is it?
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: If I knew that, I could simply call you up and tell you what the trouble with your telephone is!
Claudine: Well... Whatever the trouble is, I hope you locate it.
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Madame, it is my business to locate trouble...
[He misses the door to the study, crashing headlong into the wall; being Clouseau, he isn't even fazed]
Inspector Jacques Clouseau: ...Er, no trouble back there!

Sir Charles Lytton: [meaning the diamond] All right, Darling, where is it?
Claudine: [pretending to misunderstand] After all these years, you still need to ask?