Carl Jenkins
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Carl Jenkins (Character)
from Starship Troopers (1997)

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Starship Troopers (1997)
Carl: We thought there might be a Brain Bug on 'P'.
Carmen: You knew and still you sent them?
Carl: We couldn't afford to launch an operation if there wasn't one.
[both Carmen and Johnny look at Carl with contempt]
Carl: You disapprove? Well, too bad! We're in this war for the species, boys and girls. It's simple numbers. They have more. And every day I have to make decisions that send hundreds of people like you to their deaths.
Johnny Rico: Didn't they tell you, Colonel? That's what the Mobile Infantry is good for.

[Carl psychically probes the captured alien]
Carl: It's afraid. It's afraid.
[everyone cheers]

[Inside an Arachnid study laboratory]
Newsreel announcer: Every day, Federal scientists are looking for new ways to kill bugs.
Carl: Your basic Arachnid warrior isn't too smart, but you can blow off a limb,
[shoots an Arachnid warrior's limb off]
Carl: and it's still 86 percent combat effective. Here's a tip: Aim for the nerve stem, and put it down for good.

Starship Troopers: Invasion (2012)
Dr. Carl Jenkins: Darkness is your friend. Whatever you do, don't turn on the lights.

Johnny Rico: Are we Carl?
Dr. Carl Jenkins: Pardon?
Johnny Rico: Are we? Working together?
Dr. Carl Jenkins: Cheer up Johnny, you're a hero.
Johnny Rico: No, no I'm not. But I met one.

"Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles: Water, Water Everywhere (#1.6)" (1999)
Pvt. Carl Jenkins: The bugs want us to know that they won't stop... until the entire human race is exterminated.
Pvt. Isabelle 'Dizzy' Flores: Duh!

"Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles: Spirits of the Departed (#1.37)" (2000)
Pvt. Carl Jenkins: [last lines of the series] No it's hasn't even started
Pvt. Robert Higgins: Carl, was only half right. The final battle, the battle for Earth, was just around the corner.