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Dr. Robin Hatcher (Character)
from Hot Fuzz (2007)

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Hot Fuzz (2007)
[Nick is being introduced to the NWA for the first time and expresses his religious convictions to Reverend Shooter]
Reverend Philip Shooter: Oh, you're an agnostic, then?
Dr. Robin Hatcher: [calling out] I think I've got a cream for that!

Dr. Robin Hatcher: I brought you into this world, Danny. I think's rather fitting I should take you out of it!

Dr. Robin Hatcher: I've told him several times "You shouldn't eat late at night".
PC Doris Thatcher: Oh, I dunno. I quite like a little midnight gobble. Haha!
PC Bob Walker: ...cocks.

[Skinner is explaining why the NWA had Martin Blower murdered]
Simon Skinner: You see, much as I enjoyed your wild theories Sergeant, the truth is far less complex. Blower's fate was simply the result of his being... an appalling actor.
NWA Members: [echoing in agreement] Appalling.
Nicholas Angel: You murdered him for that?
Simon Skinner: He murdered Bill Shakespeare.
Nicholas Angel: What? Oh.
Annette Roper: Martin Blower was less concerned with the reputation of the village than he was with his sordid affair with Eve Draper!
Nicholas Angel: So Eve deserved to die too?
Dr. Robin Hatcher: Well, she did have a very annoying laugh.
NWA Members: [echoing in agreement] Annoying.
Nicholas Angel: George Merchant?
Simon Skinner: He had in awful house.
NWA Members: [echoing in agreement] Awful.

Dr. Robin Hatcher: [showing CCTV footage of the estate explosion] Interesting - we only seem to get a glimpse of the outer-most edge of the explosion. But we did happen to catch a glimpse of Sandford's most wanted!
[shows the swan, everyone claps]
Nicholas Angel: This isn't funny, doctor!