Michael Darling
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Michael Darling (Character)
from Peter Pan (1953)

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Peter Pan (2003)
Pirate: Beg for your lives.
John: Sirs! My brother and I are English gentlemen. English gentlemen do not beg!
Michael: [Michael gets on his knees] ... Please. Please, don't kill me!
John: [John gets n his knees too] Please, don't kill me either!

Wendy: Once upon a time there was a boy named Peter Pan, who decided not to grow up.
Hook: Skip the prologue.
Wendy: So he flew away to Neverland where the pirates are.
Hook: What fun he must have had.
Wendy: Yes but he was rather lonely.
Hook: Lonely? He needed a Wendy.
Pirate: I need a Wendy.
Hook: Why a Wendy?
Wendy: He liked my stories.
Hook: What stories?
Wendy: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty.
Hook: Love stories?
Wendy: Adventures! In which good triumphs over evil!
Hook: They all end in a kiss.
Wendy: [gasps]
Hook: A kiss. He does feel! He feels about you.
Hook: She told him stories. He taught her to fly. How?
Wendy: You just think happy thoughts. They lift you into the air.
Hook: Alas, I have no happy thoughts.
Wendy: That brings you down!
Hook: [Hook threatens to cut Wendy's throat with his hook] How else?
Michael: Fairy dust! You need fairy dust!
The Lost Boys: Michael!
Hook: What of Pan? Would unhappy thoughts bring him down?
Wendy: He has no unhappy thoughts.

Michael: Mother, can anything harm us after the night lights are lit?
Mrs. Darling: No, Precious. They are the eyes a mother leaves behind to guard her children.

Mrs. Darling: There are many different kinds of bravery. There's the bravery of thinking of others before one's self. Now, your father has never brandished a sword nor fired a pistol, thank heavens. But he has made many sacrifices for his family, and put away many dreams.
Michael: Where did he put them?
Mrs. Darling: He put them in a drawer. And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them. But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer... He does. And that is why he is brave.

John: [upon meeting Peter] You offend reason, sir.
Michael: Mm-hmm.
John: [sees Peter lift into the air] I should like to offend it with you

John: Michael, are you shot?
Michael: I haven't checked yet, but there's something worser.
John: Oh, what could be worse?
Michael: My thoughts aren't very happy!
[they both fall]

Wendy: Peter, I'm sorry I must grow up...
[Hook grabs her]
Wendy: [to Hook] It is just a thimble.
Captain Hook: By all means my beauty, give Peter Pan your precious thimble.
Wendy: This belongs to you and always will.
[Kisses Peter]
John: That was no thimble...
Michael: That was a hidden kiss.

Peter Pan (1953)
Wendy: He can fly!
John: He can fly!
Michael: He flewed!
Peter Pan: Now you try.
Wendy: I'll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon.
John: I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave.
Michael: I think I'll be an Indian brave.
Peter Pan: Now everybody try.
Wendy, John, Michael, Peter Pan: One, two, three!
Wendy, John, Michael: We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!
[the children all fall to the ground]
Peter Pan: This won't do. What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot.
[grabs Tinkerbell]
Peter Pan: Dust!
Wendy, John: Dust?
Michael: Dust?
Peter Pan: Yep, just a little bit of pixie dust.
[taps Tinkerbell a bit with his hand to make golden dust come off and rain down on the kids]
Peter Pan: Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.

John: [as Captain Hook] Blast you, Peter Pan!
Michael: [as Peter Pan] Take that! Give up, Captain Hook? You give up?
John: Never! I'll teach you to cut off me hand!
Wendy: [coming in; chuckling] Oh, no, John, it was the *left* hand.
John: Oh, yes. Thank you, Wendy.

Wendy: What's the chief doing, John?
John: He's giving an oration in sign language.
Michael: What's he saying?
John: He says... "Peter Pan... mighty warrior... save Tigerlily... make big chief... heap glad."
Wendy: [jokingly] Well, he certainly doesn't look "heap glad".

Indian Chief: How.
John, Lost Boy (Bear), Lost Boy (Fox), Lost Boy (Racoon), Michael: How, Chief. How.
Indian Chief: For many moons, red man fight paleface Lost Boys.
John, Lost Boy (Bear), Lost Boy (Fox), Lost Boy (Racoon), Michael: Ugh.
Indian Chief: Sometime, you win; sometime, we win.
Lost Boy (Bear): Okay, Chief. You win this time. Now turn us loose.
John: Turn us loose? You mean this is only a game?
Lost Boy (Fox): Sure. When we win, we turn them loose.
Lost Boy (Racoon): When they win, they turn us loose.
Indian Chief: This time, no turnum loose.
Lost Boy (Fox): Huh?
Lost Boy (Fox): The chief's a great spoofer!
Indian Chief: Me no spoofum! Where you hide Princess Tiger Lily?
Lost Boy (Bear): Uh, Tiger Lily?
Lost Boy (Fox): We ain't got your ol' princess!
John: I certainly have never seen her.
Lost Boy (Racoon): Me neither.
Indian Chief: Heap big lie! If Tiger Lily not back by sunset... burnum at stake.

Michael: [referring to Tinker Bell] Oh, look! A firefly!
Wendy: A pixie.
John: Amazing!
[Tinker Bell angrily gestures at Peter]
Michael: What's the pixie doing?
Peter Pan: Talking.
Wendy: What did she say?
Peter Pan: She says you're a big ugly girl!
[everybody laughs]
Wendy: Oh... well, I think she's lovely.

Peter Pan (1924)
Michael Nicholas Darling: [in intertitles] Mother, dear, what time was I born?
Mrs. Darling: [in intertitles] At twelve o'clock in the nighttime, precious.
Michael Nicholas Darling: [in intertitles] Oh, Mummy, I hope I didn't wake you.

Michael Nicholas Darling: [in intertitles] Can anything harm us, Mummy, dear, after the night lights are lit?
Mrs. Darling: [in intertitles] Nothing, precious. They are the eyes a mother leaves behind her to guard her children.

Wendy Darling: [in intertitles] Though the children stayed away for many moons, the beautiful mother always left the window open for them to fly back. I do like a mother's love, don't you?
Michael Nicholas Darling: [in intertitles] I do just.

Michael Nicholas Darling: I won't be bathed, Nana, I won't.

Peter Pan (1960) (TV)
Peter Pan: [singing] You're ready?
Wendy: Ready!
John: Ready!
Michael: Ready!
Peter Pan: [singing] Don't forget, don't be slow/ready set, here we go/Wendy, Michael, John... Tinkerbell, come on/Hurry up after me for soon I will be gone, I'm flying!

Mrs. Darling: What are you doing in my old hat?
Wendy: We're doing an act.
John: Yes, we're playing you and Father, I'm Father. A little less noise there, a little less noise!
Michael: Mother, they never let me play Father, and they never let me dance.
Mrs. Darling: Well, we'll soon fix that.
[takes John's hat off and puts it on Michael]
Mrs. Darling: There. May I have this dance, Mr. Darling?