Lt. Gooz Wood
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Lt. Gooz Wood (Character)
from Pearl Harbor (2001)

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Pearl Harbor (2001)
Gooz: I got a girlfriend.
Billy: ...That's great.

Earl: Hey, you know you're not supposed to be painting titties on the side of my airplanes, and if you do, don't make 'em lop-sided.
Gooz: They we're lop-sided, Earl.

Gooz: Well how're you gonna know they're submerged if they're submerged?

Danny: Y'all pilots?
Gooz: Uh, we're working on it. There's a lot of switches and stuff. Pride of the Pacific.
Earl: Who are you?
Danny: Terrors of the Skies.

Gooz: Oh, that ain't no Navy issued uniform, there.

Gooz: Be careful with the lady folk... they cloud the mind.
Danny: Thanks Gooz.

Gooz: Red, do you think they are making us do this because we are young and dumb?