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McKnight (Character)
from Black Hawk Down (2001)

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Black Hawk Down (2001)
McKnight: You, get up there and drive!
Othic: But I'm shot Colonel!
McKnight: Everybody's shot! We need the prisoners, let's go!

Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!

McKnight: Ok, we're going to have to turn 'em around and go back the way we came.
Maddox: WHAT?

McKnight: [over the radio] Get us off this fucking street!

[after McKnight orders Maddox to turn around and go back to Haldawig]
Maddox: Sir, they're going to get us fucking killed out there!
McKnight: Just get it over with!

[after the briefing]
Matthews: What's the matter Danny? Something you don't like?
McKnight: No Spectre gunships, daylight instead of night, late afternoon when they're all fucked up on Khat, only part of the city Aidid can mount a serious counter-attack on short notice...
McKnight: What's not to like?
Harell: Life's imperfect.
McKnight: Yeah, for you two, circling above it at five hundred feet it's imperfect. Down in the street, it's unforgiving.

[McKnight sees Schmid treating the injured Blackburn]
McKnight: What happened to him?
Schmid: He fell, missed the rope.
McKnight: How'd he do that?
[Schmid shrugs with an odd smirk]

McKnight: [after the wounded are sent off] Struecker, you lead humvee.
Struecker: Hoo-ah!

McKnight: [over the radio] How are things going? Things okay there, Struecker?
Struecker: I don't wanna talk about it now, Colonel. I'm busy!
[Pilla is shot and falls into the humvee]
Thomas: Sergeant Pilla's hit! Christ, he's fucked up!
McKnight: Is anybody hit? Struecker, talk to me!
Struecker: It's Sergeant Pilla!
McKnight: What's his status? What's his status?
"Hoot": He's dead!
Struecker: He's dead. Pilla's dead, sir.
McKnight: C2, this is McKnight, we have a KIA: Dominick Pilla, over.
Harell: Roger that.
Struecker: Get on that fifty! Someone get on that fifty!
"Hoot": It's mine!

Othic: [after Kowalewski had been killed by an RPG]
[to Mcknight]
Othic: There's a fucking rocket in him, sir!
McKnight: Othic, cool off! Goddamn it! There's live ordnance, now get out!
McKnight: [after pulling Kowalewski's body out of the humvee] Son of a bitch!
McKnight: [while helping to put Kowalewski into the back of the humvee] Lift him up! Easy, easy!

McKnight: [while the convoy is under heavy fire going through a raided street] Motherfuckers! Motherfuckers!

McKnight: Now, there will be some shooting. Bakara Market is the Wild West, but be careful what you shoot at because people do live there.