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Grimes (Character)
from Black Hawk Down (2001)

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Black Hawk Down (2001)
[after an explosion]
Sanderson: Are you alright?
Grimes: Yeah, I can hear bells ringin'!

Crew Chief: Hey, Grimesy! No fear!
Grimes: Oh, yeah, RIGHT!

Grimes: Why aren't you shooting?
Waddell: We're not being shot at yet.
Grimes: How can you tell?
Waddell: A hiss means it's close. A snap means...
[a bullet whizzes close by]
Waddell: Now they're shooting at us!
[they begin returning fire]

Grimes: It's all in the grind, Sizemore. Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse. This, my friend, is a science. I mean you're looking at the guy that believed all the commercials. You know, about the "be all you can be." I made coffee through Desert Storm. I made coffee through Panama while everyone else got to fight, got to be a Ranger. Now it's "Grimesy, black, one sugar" or "Grimesy, got a powdered anywhere?"

Garrison: Good luck, boys. Be careful. Nobody gets left behind.
Grimes: [looks at Eversmann's face]
Grimes: What's wrong?
Eversmann: Nothing. He's just never done that before.
Grimes: Oh, fuck!

Sanderson: So where did they find you?
Grimes: Behind a desk.
[Sanderson laughs]
Grimes: No really.

[after a RPG hit a building]
Grimes: Fuuuuck this!

[speaking about a Pakistani UN tank]
Grimes: These things are fuckin' bullet magnets!

[Grimes sees smoke from Somali tire fires in the distance as the Rangers fly towards the city]
Grimes: Why are they burning tires?
Waddell: Signals to the militia, that we're coming.

Steele: What the fuck are you doing out there?
Sanderson: Doing my job! We got to get to that crash site! We got to get on that street, and we got to move! And you have got to keep up, sir!
Steele: Don't you ever give me orders, Sergeant! We are combat ineffective, you understand me? We got too many wounded to move!
Sanderson: Then give me some shooters and I'll circle us to the bird.
Steele: Grimes! You're with Chalk Four?
Grimes: Yes, sir!
Steele: All right, hook up with Delta! Rejoin with Sergeant Eversmann. The rest of you, secure this position! Treat the wounded. We'll wait for the convoy! Then we'll rally at the crash site.
Sanderson: My guys, let's go!