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Wolcott (Character)
from Black Hawk Down (2001)

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Black Hawk Down (2001)
[Durant and Wolcott talk over the intercom as they fly past each other in their helicopters]
Durant: Six-One, this is Six-Four, go to UHF secure. I've got some bad news.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word, Durant. I don't want to hear about it.
Durant: It is not a word. It's an abbreviation of a word.
Cliff Wolcott: Limo is a word in common usage. That is the key phrase in scrabble, my friend, common usage.
Durant: No! If it's not in the dictionary, it doesn't count.
Cliff Wolcott: It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!
Durant: It does have to be in the dictionary! Listen, when we get back to base, it's coming off the board.
Cliff Wolcott: You touch my limo and I'll spank you, Night Stalker. You hear me?
Durant: Yeah. Promises.

Cliff Wolcott: [after C2 repeated the initiative] Ireeene!

Cliff Wolcott: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott, I'll be your pilot this afternoon. Federal regulations designate this a "non-smoking" Black Hawk helicopter. For those of you who have the "Mogadishu Frequent Flyer" program, you'll be earning a hundred free credits this afternoon, and as always, the air sickness bags are located in the seat-back, in front of you.

Busch: Three guys with RPGs! Coming up on your side! Now!
[Somalis fire the RPG, striking Super 6-1's tail rotor. 6-1 is now spinning out of control]
Cliff Wolcott: Stay with it!
Cliff Wolcott: [on radio] This is 6-1. I'm hit. I'm hit.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is hit. He is hit. Wolcott's bird is hit.
Cliff Wolcott: Hey Bull, you want to pull those PCLs offline or what?
Briley: Right, babe.
[6-1 is still spinning wildly]
Cliff Wolcott: 6-1 going down, 6-1 going down.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is going down. He is going down.
[Various radio chatter repeating "6-1 going down", showing the Rangers on the ground looking up in disbelief at the spiraling chopper]
Cliff Wolcott: Hold on!
[6-1's crew are bracing for impact]
Cliff Wolcott: [Chopper strikes a building] Ahhh!
[6-1 crashes, blades flying everywhere]
Harell: We've got a Black Hawk down, we've got a Black Hawk down.
Matthews: Super 6-1 is down. We've got a bird down in the city.