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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
Yvette: [to Louis] Are you not hungry, sir?
Lestat: Aux contraire, mon cher, he could eat the whole colony.
[starts to laugh]
Louis: [as Yvette starts to pick up Louis's plate, he grabs her arm and looks at the veins in her neck] I'll finish it, Yvette. Now leave us.

Yvette: Ummm... Monsieur Louis. You don't want any supper ,no?
Louis: No, ma chère.
Yvette: We're worried about you, master. Why is it that you don't go riding in the field? And how long since you've been to the slave quarter? Everywhere there is death. Are you still our master at all?
Louis: That will be all, Yvette!
Yvette: I will not go unless you listen to me! You must, you must send away this friend of yours. The slaves, they are all frightened of him... and they are frightened of you.
[touches Louis's hand]
Louis: I'm frightened of myself.
[indulges in close contact with Yvette. Then begins to bite her wrist. She starts to scream out. For a moment he is too caught up in biting her. She cries out louder and he snaps into reality. He puts his hand over her mouth, wrestles her to the floor and kills her]
Louis: [Louis walks outside carrying Yvette's lifeless body. He speaks to the slaves who have come to see what all the screaming was about] Hear me now! This place is cursed, damned, and yes, your master is the devil! Get out while you can! You are all free men! You hear me?
[Louis gives Yvette to a nearby slave and takes hold of a torch]
Louis: Run, flee, save yourselves!
[waves torch wildly at slaves to make them leave and then goes inside to set the house on fire]