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Biography from the novels, comic books, graphic novels, Interview with the vampire film, San Francisco version of the Lestat musical and New York version of the Lestat musical. (Unfortunately the back story is very different in the film Queen of the damnd and contradicts certain events of the film Interview with the vampire.)

Interview with the vampire based biography and the books: Including the vampire origin as according to the musical adaptations and the novels:

Egypt, six-thousand-years-ago: a pair of red headed twin witches named Mekare and Maharet are abducted and their village is raided and destroyed by the soldiers of King Enkil of Egypt. The twins are brought before the King and Queen. As punishment for being defiant against the king and Queen, the King's steward, Khayman is ordered to rape the women in order to prove they have no power. The twins are released and left to wander the hot desert. Maharet is with child. Mekare misguidedly sends an evil spirit named Amil to torment the king as revenge for what he's done. Khayman is tortured and the king and queen, themselves, decide to try to exorcise the evil spirit from Khayman's living quarters. What the King and Queen don't know is that a handful of the King's enemies are lurking in the darkness, waiting to over throw him by the most ancient of methods, by killing him. Akasha (the king's wife) gets stabbed as does her husband. Both are about to die but the strange spirit, Amil is drawn to their blood. It becomes one with their blood. The spirit merges itself with Akasha's blood and transforms the Queen in to the very first vampire. Barely aware of what she's doing Akasha drinks her husband's blood and then feeds him her own blood, creating the first vampire fledgling. Confused and frightened about what has happened to them, Akasha and her king summon the witches again. The witches are taken from a village where they have taken sanctuary among a small tribe of nomads. Maharet leaves her baby behind with the kind people. When Mekare and Maharet are brought before the King and Queen, Akasha tries to get the witches into telling her she is a God. The women refuse. Maharet sees horrible things in the future and Mekare tells Akasha that she is a monster and should destroy herself. As punishment for what she's said, Akasha has Mekare's tongue ripped out. As punishment for what she sees in the future, Maharet's eyes are torn out. The two are put in a dungeon to await a death sentence, one unable to speak, the other unable to see. Khayman, the king's steward is forcibly made into a vampire by Akasha and Enkil (The king and Queen) as a test to see if this strange power of vampirism could be passed on to someone who was not a royal. Wanting revenge for what was done to him, Khayman goes to the twins and transforms them in to vampires. When Akasha and Enkil learn of this they send an army after the twin vampires. Khayman escapes but Maharet and Mekare are captured. Akasha fears that to destroy them might mean her own destruction, (which is not really true) so Akasha has them sealed in stone coffins and separated. One finds herself in a jungle, the other ends up somewhere in Europe. The blind one, Maharet, learns that she can see if she murders a human being and plucks their eyes from their head and put the eyes into her own empty sockets. She is able to see like this for several years before she needs to steal a new pair of eyes from her dead victim.

All over the world the vampire population grows, mainly thanks to Khayman. And Maharet will not steal eyes from a fellow vampire (which would last forever) because she has a loyalty to her own kind, well, to all but Akasha, but she knows if she destroys Akasha she destroys herself and she does not wish to die. For centuries Maharet keeps track of the family that rooted out of the child she had before she was made into a vampire. Meanwhile other vampires rise up against Akasha and Enkil. They keep them buried neck deep in a pile of stone in a dungeon, where they can drink from the first two vampires in order to make themselves more powerful. Akasha and Enkil eventually stop struggling or pleading, or really doing anything. One day they are found free of their restraints, just staring vacantly- in a sort of catatonic state. For centuries a vampire known as The Elder looks after the king and Queen. One day, impatient with having to care for them, he leaves them out in the sun. He does not believe that their deaths will result in his own death. Since a vampire can remain alive if his maker is killed, he does not think that their deaths will have any effect on his race. The king and Queen burn but they do not die. And they do not move either. But that day a catastrophe rises among the undead. Vampires all over the world are burned, some die, some are just badly wounded. But all over the world this happens.

A vampire posing as a Pagan God in Rome sends his loyal Druidian priest, Mael, and a few followers, to find for him an heir. They find a forty-year-old scholar named Marius and kidnap him. They take Marius to The God of the Grove where he is forcibly made in to a vampire and sent out to find out what has happened to the vampires. Marius does as he's told. And once he learns what has happened to Akasha and Enkil he takes them into his own care. And for two thousand-years Marius looks after them, posing as a kindly lord and painter. Marius, who does not view what he is as evil, feeds strictly on murderers as to protect the innocent from those that would bring harm to good people. In that time Marius has made a Roman woman, Pandora, into a vampire, but she leaves him. In 1300, or there about, Marius makes a seventeen-year-old servant boy of his, Armand, into a vampire. All is fine for a short while but then a coven of vampires attack Marius and Armand, this coven is lead by a vampire named Santino. This coven is The Children of Darkness, a sect of vampires who are certain that they are servants of a New Anti-God, Satan. These Satanic vampires seek to destroy Marius and they set him on fire. Santino and his hord kidnap and brainwash Armand, convincing him that theirs is a righteous cause, to do evil for the sake of goodness. Armand is sent to Paris where he governs his own coven of Satanic vampires, convinced that his master is dead.


* (the main story ) * Around the year 1756 a boy named Lestat is born in France. The seventh son of a country lord, Lestat is restless and aches for more out of life. Lestat is illiterate, and basically kept captive by his own family because the sort of life he wants is 'undignified.' And yet he was denied a proper education. At the age of twelve Lestat's father had him pulled from a monastery school when Lestat wanted to be a priest. And so Lestat never got to learn to write. He had not been there very long. At the age of fifteen Lestat tried to run away to be an actor but his brothers dragged him home and beat him. At the age of twenty-one Lestat hunts down and kills a pack of wolves that have been tormenting the villagers. When the villagers come to thank him for his efforts, Lestat befriends a beautiful musician named Nicholas. Nicholas and Lestat have many conversations together about Paris. Lestat is obsessed with the idea of living in Paris. It's in a quiet room above an inn that Lestat has a terrible thought about life and death, the idea that after death there may be nothing. No answers, no revelation, just to stop- to simply not exist anymore. And since he knows his mother his dying (the only one in his family he loves) this is most horrifying for him. Sometime in spring Lestat's mother works a miracle for him. She sells her family jewels in order to give Lestat and Nicki the money they need to run away to Paris, as she knows they want to do. She does not want Lestat to wait around for her to die, and spend his life a prisoner in his father's castle.

Lestat flees to Paris where he happily lives as an actor while Nicki works as a violinist for the same theatre that Lestat performs in. All is well until that October, at age twenty-two, when Lestat is kidnapped from his and Nicki's room. He is taken to a tower outside of Paris and though he tries to fight it, Lestat is forced in to becoming a vampire against his will. Lestat's maker is a vampire named Magnus. Magnus chose him because of his blonde hair (like the sun) and his blue eyes (like the daytime sky). He also chose him for his bravery at having taken on a pack of wolves by himself. Magnus has a dungeon filled with the corpses of blonde haired, blue eyed men and boys that he considered to make vampires but had killed instead. He's so intrigued by Lestat's having killed the pack of wolves that he affectionately calls him 'wolf-killer' and even made it a point to steal Lestat AND Lestat's red velvet cloak lined in the fur of the wolves. Magnus throws himself in to a fire, leaving Lestat as a vampire-orphan. Magnus leaves Lestat a vast fortune and so Lestat sends money to his family, and to his friends. And he buys the theatre where he and Nicki were so happy. Also, Lestat learns to read and write. Then one day Lestat's lawyer tells him something fantastic. His mother, on the brink of dying, has come to Paris to die near her son. So Lestat rushes to see her. Over come with grief and loneliness in the darkness of being the only creature such as himself that he knows, Lestat offers to make her a vampire such as he is. Gabrielle (Lestat's mother) agrees. And Lestat hastily makes his mother a vampire to save her from death by consumption (TB). After making his mother a vampire, Lestat and Gabrielle quickly learn that they are being stalked by Armand's coven of Satanic vampires. The Satanic vampires, who prowl the soon to be demolished cemetery of Les Innocents, view Lestat as decadent, and an outcast, and outlaw. He is not Satanic, he doesn't even believe in Satan, he lives in 'the places of light' he functions as a mortal! These are sins to them. And they seek to destroy him and Gabrielle for it. They learn of Lestat's connection with the violinist, Nicholas and they kidnap him to lure Lestat and Gabrielle out. It's shortly after this that Lestat and Gabrielle have a battle with the children of darkness, and thanks to Armand's deceptions, they lose. Lestat and Gabrielle are taken in to the vampires' horrid lair under Les Innocents, where they entomb vampires that they deem to be too weak, locked away in coffins to starve for eternity. It's here that Lestat is made to face the Satanic vampires and their leader head on. Armand comes forward with an old vampires who is dressed like a queen and is quite mad. It's here that Lestat is accused of committing crimes against God that God would strike him down for. And Lestat quips that if God meant to strike him down, why hasn't he done it yet? Soon the vampires realize they are wasting their existence. That if they do Satan's will, according to their own beliefs, they'll just go to Hell anyway. And that their purpose- evil for the sake of goodness really has no merit. Lestat places a crucifix at Nicki's throat as he releases him from the cage the vampires have him imprisoned in. The vampires will not touch him because it is against their law to touch someone with a religious symbol or artifact upon them. And yet, it was a vampire who gave it to him, so this leaves them dazed and uncertain. By now Nicki is quite mad. And in a futile attempt to bring him to his senses, Lestat decides to make him a vampire, in order to spare him the life of a lunatic that even the roughians in the worst slums would pity and look after. In yet another attempt to bring Nicki around, Lestat goes to retrieve Nicki's violin from the theatre. It's here that Lestat discovers that Armand has been destroying his own followers. The few that have survived go to Lestat and beg him to help them. And so Nicki gets an idea. He plays his violin, lures the deranged Children of Darkness in to a dance, and announces that he would like to take over Lestat's theatre and transform it in to The Theatre des Vampires! This horrifies Lestat because Lestat has always believed that the theatre was a good thing, not evil, not to be corrupted by what they were. He viewed the theatre as good, a means of giving people escape, distraction, and happiness away from the monotony of day to day life and the chaos of what it means to be human. And now his precious theatre, a place of goodness and joy, will be a place for monsters to feed, and make pretend that it's just a grand and horrific show.

Lestat has a confrontation with Armand which leads to Armand telling Lestat about his life with Marius. Lestat becomes obsessed with the idea of finding Marius. Marius, the vampire who lives as a good man, a vampire, who like himself, loves red velvet, a vampire who paints, a vampire who is kind to the innocent, a vampire who feeds strictly on evil. Lestat and Gabrielle set out to travel. It's in Egypt where Lestat gets a package, containing Nicki's violin, and a notice telling him that, frustrated with looking after Nicki (who is a completely lunatic by that point) Armand had chopped off Nicki's hands. And kept him starved for blood for five days, with his violin, unable to touch it. The other vampires working in the theatre rise up against Armand, retrieve Nicki's hands (which can be re-attached) and restore him. But by now Nicki is so far gone that all he wants to do is die. And he has them build a bonfire and he jumps into it, destroying himself. After reading the letter Lestat is heart broken. Another blow is added when Lestat discovers that his mother had kept hidden from him the horrible news that his siblings were killed during the French Revolution. Gabrielle leaves Lestat so she can wander the wilderness (She does not like company of people much, being slightly autistic) and Lestat is left alone. Devastated by everything he's endured Lestat buries himself in the earth. Time passes, but then someone comes and digs Lestat up from the earth. It is Marius! Marius knows Lestat has been searching for him. He feeds Lestat a little of his ancient blood and takes him to his island sanctuary on the Mediterranean. It is here that Marius tells Lestat Akasha and Enkil's story and Lestat is allowed to see the catatonic King and Queen, who have been motionless for almost six-thousand-years. While Marius is out attending to business with the people who live on the island, Lestat gets an idea to wake Akasha. He takes Nicki's violin and he goes to her. He plays the violin and to his surprise she rises and offers him her blood. Lestat drinks from Akasha but then the king too rises. Enkil is jealous. And Enkil tries to crush Lestat's head, but Marius comes to Lestat's rescue and warns him he must leave the island. Akasha and Enkil return to their coma-like sleep.

Lestat heads for New Orleans after retrieving his old, blind father, who has been in hiding. Of course Lestat resents his father for the abuse he endured as a child, but he still looks after him. His father has no idea that he's a vampire. It's here in Louisiana that Lestat meets Louis, the handsome young plantation owner, mourning the death of his fifteen-year-old brother. Louis is falling in to a self-destructive, decadent spiral when Lestat comes to him and offers him immortality. Louis becomes Lestat's vampire fledgling. After the death of Lestat's father, Louis burns down the plantation, believing his wealth was the reason Lestat chose to make him a monster. Lestat takes Louis with him and the two rent rooms together in New Orleans, all the while Lestat tries to convince Louis to embrace his vampire nature. Louis tries to get Lestat to tell him the reason why they exist but really he does not know. He knows how they came to be but he cannot tell Louis because of a vow he had made to Marius. For a long while Louis survives strictly on animal blood until one night his craving for mortal blood gets the better of him, after having watched Lestat take two prostitutes (who had been murdering their own clients). And while wandering the streets Louis comes across a little girl in a rundown part of the city, trying to rouse her dead mother from her sleep. Her mother had died from the plague. Knowing that the girl is starved, and exposed to the plague and stands little chance to live, Louis feeds from him, but Lestat finds him. And Lestat taunts him for what he's doing. Louis, views Lestat as little more than a low brow, disgusting fiend, a cruel monster, and so he tells him that he intends to leave him. Lestat cannot bear to be alone, he's been abandoned so often that he can't stand the thought of losing Louis. And so he makes the little girl in to a vampire. Louis watches in horror as this is done to a four-year-old child. The child, Claudia, becomes Lestat and Louis's daughter. The two raise her as their own for sixty-years. Lestat is easily deceived by appearances so he never realizes that his little girl is really a resentful and bitter woman in a child's tiny body. And one day she rises against Lestat and poisons him with tainted blood, before stabbing him over and over again. She drains Lestat almost dry. Since she and Louis know very little of their own kind they think that Lestat is dead and dump his corpse in the swamp. Lestat rises from the swamp and returns to the house where Louis and Claudia are making plans to go to Europe. Louis, in a desperate attempt to protect Claudia from Lestat, throws an oil lamp at Lestat, causing a terrible fire. They believe Lestat has been destroyed in the fire.

In Paris Louis meets Armand and is invited to The Theatre des Vampires. The vampires there are suspicious of him and Claudia, especially Claudia. It's forbidden to make a child in to a vampire. Armand falls in love with Louis and becomes jealous of Claudia and Louis's parental love of his vampiric-daughter. He wants Louis all to himself. And to him, it's a blessing, when a badly wounded Lestat turns up at his door step, begging for help. Armand takes Lestat prisoner, keeps him starved for blood and then forces him to admit to the theatre vampires who had done this to him. Armand forces him to say it was Claudia. This is a terrible thing because in spite of everything, Lestat had loved Claudia too. Claudia and a woman vampire companion of hers, Madeline, are destroyed. Louis ends up sealed in a coffin but he is rescued by Armand. What Louis does not know is that Armand has thrown the badly wounded Lestat off of a tower, shattering the bones in his body. This is partially to keep him from taking Louis from him and also because he's still bitter that Lestat had destroyed his Satanic coven. (which would have been destroyed anyway when the people of Paris demolished the old cemetery to make room.) In a rage, over Claudia's demise, Louis burns down the theatre and he leaves Paris with Armand.

Years later Armand admits to Louis that Lestat survived and now, practically crippled, lives in New Orleans yet again. Armand also pays a visit to Lestat and admits to him that Louis is alive. Armand offers to help Lestat recover but only if he is willing to love him. Lestat is a ware that Armand has always confused love with domination, possession, ownership, and control. For him it always has to be a slave and master relationship, the dominant and the dominated, the controller and the controlled, one or the other. And Lestat could never bear to be a slave and does not want to be Armand's master.

In 1976, after having left Armand, Louis tells his tale to a boy reporter named Daniel. The story gets published as Interview with The Vampire.

In early part of the twentieth century Lestat buries himself in the earth yet again. This time he does not rise until 1984, to the sound of rock music. Lestat decides to be a rock star. And he publishes his own autobiography. The night before his concert Lestat and Louis reunite and Louis forgives Lestat for being a prick.

Meanwhile all over the world vampires are being destroyed one by one by an unknown force. What they do not know is that Akasha has risen. She has destroyed her old king and buried Marius under several tons of ice. Akasha had heard Lestat's rock music broadcast on the radio and so she had decided to rise and change the world in to what she wants it to be. She wants to destroy most of the world's male population and make of herself a goddess to 'save' the world. (She's quite deranged.) All of the world vampires are dying and those that live are haunted by dreams that tell the sad tale of the red headed witch twins, Maharet and Mekare. This is a telepathic call from the mute twin, Mekare, who knows Akasha has risen.

In London a thirty-five-year-old paranormal investigator named Jessica Reeve, while working or a secret society of paranormal researchers known as The Talamasca, learns that Lestat really is a vampire. And Jesse decides to attend his concert. Jesse is the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great... you get the idea- granddaughter of Maharet (one of the first vampires.) Maharet fears for Jesse's life and with good reason too. There are vampires who think Lestat will expose them to mortals through his fame, and as a result, seek to destroy him after the concert. At the concert a vampire reads Jesse's thoughts and discovers that she works for The Talamasca. Distrusting of her, the vampire breaks her neck and leaves her for dead. Maharet and her own vampire friends find Jesse and make her a vampire to save her life.

Meanwhile, Daniel, the boy reporter of Interview with the vampire, has become an alcoholic and secretly become the lover of Armand. When Armand realizes Daniel is dying he saves him by making him a vampire.

After the rock concert Lestat and Louis flee the seen, rescued from attacking vampires by a mysterious female vampire driving a car. This is Lestat's long lost mother, Gabrielle. Lestat, Louis, and Gabrielle are shocked to discover that the vampires trying to destroy Lestat are all, one by one, bursting in to flames. It's near dawn so they cannot puzzle about it for long. Just before Lestat goes to sleep for the day he is kidnapped.

The next night, all the vampires that have survived Akasha's attack on the undead gather. Most of them are only alive because Akasha knows Lestat has an affection for them. Others live simply because they are too old and too powerful for even her to destroy with her powers to incinerate her own kind. The vampires that gather are Louis, Gabrielle, Armand, Daniel (the reporter from Interview with the vampire, and Armand's lover), Marius (who was rescued from the ice), Pandora (Marius' former lover), Eric, Santino (A former Satanic vampire, and the one accountable for Armand's brainwashing), Mael (a former servant of the vampire who made Marius a vampire, and obviously, now a vampire himself), Khayman (who had been wandering the world with amnesia), Jesse (now a newborn vampire), and Maharet. Maharet tells these surviving vampires the parts of the story that they did not know. She warns that Akasha must be destroyed.

Akasha, taking Lestat with her, comes to these vampires and tells them to join her crusade or be hunted as her demons, every good God needs an adversary. Even Lestat, who has been enchanted by her, tries to talk her out of her mad scheme. They like the world as it is. They do not want to see humanity destroyed. The very purpose of immortality, for some of them, is to function in the world, to live and watch the progress of humanity. Believing that Lestat has turned against her Akasha decides she made a mistake in choosing him as her companion. Before she could act to destroy him or bring anyone any harm another figure enters. A ragged and savage looking vampiress, who cannot speak. Maharet's twin. Mekare throws Akasha in to glass wall, and the glass sides down, decapitating her.

All the vampires begin to weaken and fall, but before they could actually die, Mekare eats Akasha's brain, right out of it's skull, as well as her heart. In one of these organs or the other resides the source of the vampires, the very core of the first vampire. And so Mekare becomes the vampiric source and all their lives are saved.

Lestat writes out the story of the entire adventure, and he takes Louis with him for a little trip to London. It's here that he goes to David Talbot (the head of the paranormal investigative society known as The Talamasca). And he talks to him, just to see how he'd react to the encounter. Laughing with wicked delight, the story ends with Louis scolding Lestat for being such a brat.

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