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Henry Swinton (Character)
from A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
[Henry arrives home with the Mecha David]
Monica: Henry, what are you doing?
Henry Swinton: [Henry holds onto Monica] I love you. Don't kill me.

[Henry and Monica discuss about David looking like a real child]
Monica: I mean, Henry, did you see his face? He's - He's so real. But he's not.
Henry Swinton: No, he's not.
Monica: I mean, inside he's like all the rest, isn't he?
Henry Swinton: A hundred miles of fiber, yeah.
Monica: But outside, he just looks so real - Like he is a real child.
Henry Swinton: A Mecha child
Monica: A child.

[David attempts to cut off a piece of Monica's hair with a pair of giant scissors]
Henry Swinton: [Henry wakes up, grabbing onto David by the shoulders] Why did you do that! Why did you do that!
Monica: Henry, what are you doing? You're hurting him!
Henry Swinton: [Henry begins to shake David] Talk to me! David, Goddamn it! Talk to me, David!
Monica: [David drops the pair of scissors] Henry, let him go! You're hurting him!
Henry Swinton: [Henry continues to shake David uncontrollably, yelling] Why did you do that! Why did you do that!
Monica: [as Monica yells out] You're hurting him! Don't break him!
David: [Henry stops shaking him as David softly replies] Henry, I wanted mommy to love me... more.

[Henry talks to Monica about sending David back to Cybertronics]
Monica: I will not let you take him back. You told me what would happen...
Henry Swinton: Think about this. If he was created to love, then it's reasonable to assume he knows how to hate. And if pushed to those extremes, what is he really capable of?