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Monica Swinton (Character)
from A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
[Monica returns to find David in the closet, where she put him before for how uncomfortable he was making her]
David: Is it a game?
Monica: Yes. Hide-and-seek.
Monica: [Monica tags David on the shoulder while nervously smiling] I found you.

[Monica arrives in the woods with David, prepared to leave him there alone]
Monica: [David makes the picnic blanket for them both] David, listen. Now... you won't understand the reasons, but... I have - I have to leave you here.
David: Is it a game?
Monica: No.
David: When will you come back for me?
Monica: I'm not, David. You'll have to be here by yourself.
David: Alone?
Monica: [Monica's voice breaks with tears in her eyes] With Teddy.
David: [David begins to uncontrollably cry] No. No, no, no, no, no, no! No, Mommy, please! No, no! Please, Mommy, no!
Monica: Shh. Shh. Shh. They will destroy you, David. Please, David.
David: No! No, Mommy! I'm sorry I broke myself. I'm so sorry I cut your hair off... And I'm sorry I hurt you and I hurt Martin.
Monica: [Monica starts screaming as she begins to cry, holding David away from holding her] I have to go! I have to go! Stop it! Stop it! I have to go now.
David: [Monica stands up as David continues to try and hold her] Mommy, no! Mommy! Mommy, if Pinocchio became a real... and I become a real boy, can I come home?
Monica: That's just a story.
David: But a story tells what happens.
Monica: [Monica runs back to the car where she gets on her knees to talk to David one last time] Stories are not real! You're not real! Now, listen to me. Look. Look! Take this, all right? Take this. Don't let anyone see how much it is, okay? Now, look, don't go that way. Look! Look at me! Look! Don't go that way. Go anywhere but that way or they'll catch you. Don't ever let them catch you! Listen, stay away from Flesh Fairs, away from where there are lots of people. Stay away from all people. Only others like you. Only Mecha are safe!
David: [David cries with his two hands around Monica's neck] Why do you wanna leave me? Why do you wanna leave me? I'm sorry I'm not real. If you let me, I'll be so real for you.
Monica: [Monica tries pulling off David, as she screams, throwing David off her] Let go. Let go, David. Let go!
Monica: [Monica looks at David laying on the ground] I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the world.

[David walks into Monica's bedroom asking her will she die]
David: Mommy, will you die?
Monica: Well, one day, David, yes, I will.
David: [David says with a slight sadness in his voice] I'll be alone.
Monica: Don't worry yourself so.
David: [David lays his head on Monica's lap] How long will you live?
Monica: For ages. For 50 years
David: [David whispers while Monica puts her hand on David's head] I love you, Mommy. I hope you never die. Never.
Monica: [Monica looks away] Yes.

[Monica introduces David to Teddy]
Monica: [Monica turns Teddy on] His name is Teddy. Teddy, this is David.
David: Hello, Teddy.
Teddy: Hello, David.
Monica: David, Teddy is a super toy, and I know you two will take good care of each other.
Teddy: [Teddy makes a scowl face to Monica when his ears go back] I am not a toy.

[Monica reads the words that will imprint herself on David, and give David the feelings to love]
Monica: Now, I'm gonna read some words. And, uh, they won't make any sense, but I want you to listen to them anyway... and look at me all the time. Can you do that?
David: Yes, Monica.
Monica: [Monica puts her finger tips to the back of David's neck] Can you feel my hand on the back of your neck?
David: Yes.
Monica: [David remains to sit while smiling] Does any of this hurt?
David: No.
Monica: Okay, now, look at me. Ready? Cirrus. Socrates. Particle. Decibel. Hurricane. Dolphin. Tulip. Monica. David. Monica.
Monica: [David's expression goes silent] All right. I wonder if I did that right. I don't...
David: What were those words for, Mommy?
Monica: [Monica closes and opens her eyes] What did you call me?
David: Mommy.
Monica: [Monica smiles rolling her hand onto David's neck] Who am I, David?
David: [David softly whispers while hugging onto Monica] You are my Mommy.

[Monica takes David on a car ride back to Cybertronics]
David: [David tries talking to Monica with Teddy in his lap] Where are we going? Someplace nice? Are those happy tears? What's for dinner tonight?
Monica: You know you don't eat.
David: Yes. But I like sitting at the table.

[Monica's first response to Henry bringing home David]
Monica: [screaming at Henry] I can't accept this! There is no substitute for your own child!

[David see's his bedroom for the first time when asked about going to sleep]
Monica: How late do they let you stay up?
David: I can never go to sleep. But I can lay quietly and not make a peep.

[the resurrected Monica begins to fall back asleep in her bed]
Monica: [Monica watches David] Such a beautiful day.
Monica: [Monica whispers to David] I love you, David.
Monica: [Monica wraps her arms around David] I do love you.
Monica: [Monica whispers her last words to David] I have always loved you.
[David holds his head to Monica with tears rolling down his eyes and a smile on his face]

[David talks to the lightly dazed Monica after her resurrection]
Monica: I must be confused. What day is it?
David: [David smiles] It is... today.

[David has his first birthday with the resurrected Monica]
Narrator: [narrating] David had never had a birthday party because David had never been born, so they baked a cake and lit some candles.
Monica: [Monica lays David's birthday cake in front of him] Now, make a wish.
David: It came true already.
[as David blows out his candles]

[Henry arrives home with the Mecha David]
Monica: Henry, what are you doing?
Henry Swinton: [Henry holds onto Monica] I love you. Don't kill me.

[Henry and Monica discuss about David looking like a real child]
Monica: I mean, Henry, did you see his face? He's - He's so real. But he's not.
Henry Swinton: No, he's not.
Monica: I mean, inside he's like all the rest, isn't he?
Henry Swinton: A hundred miles of fiber, yeah.
Monica: But outside, he just looks so real - Like he is a real child.
Henry Swinton: A Mecha child
Monica: A child.

[David continues to play hide-and-seek with Monica, finding her in the bathroom]
David: [David opens the door, as Monica gasps] I found you.
Monica: [Monica yells] Out! Out! Out! Get out of here! And close the goddamn door!
[Monica holds her pajama pants up so David won't see anything, as David closes the door]

[David and Martin call to Teddy to see who he will go to]
David: [David calmly asks Teddy] Come here, Teddy.
Martin Swinton: [Martin calls out] Come on!
David: Come here, boy.
Martin Swinton: [Martin bangs his lap] Teddy! Teddy! Come here! Come on, Teddy! Come here!
David: [David calmly says] Come here, Teddy.
Martin Swinton: [Martin yells out louder] Come here Teddy! Come!
Teddy: [Teddy doesn't make a choice and then runs to Monica who enters the room] Mommy! Mommy!
Monica: [Monica carries Teddy out by one arm] Are they torturing you, Teddy?

[David attempts to cut off a piece of Monica's hair with a pair of giant scissors]
Henry Swinton: [Henry wakes up, grabbing onto David by the shoulders] Why did you do that! Why did you do that!
Monica: Henry, what are you doing? You're hurting him!
Henry Swinton: [Henry begins to shake David] Talk to me! David, Goddamn it! Talk to me, David!
Monica: [David drops the pair of scissors] Henry, let him go! You're hurting him!
Henry Swinton: [Henry continues to shake David uncontrollably, yelling] Why did you do that! Why did you do that!
Monica: [as Monica yells out] You're hurting him! Don't break him!
David: [Henry stops shaking him as David softly replies] Henry, I wanted mommy to love me... more.

[Henry talks to Monica about sending David back to Cybertronics]
Monica: I will not let you take him back. You told me what would happen...
Henry Swinton: Think about this. If he was created to love, then it's reasonable to assume he knows how to hate. And if pushed to those extremes, what is he really capable of?

[David wakes up the resurrected Monica from her bed by combing her hair with his hand]
David: [Monica opens her eyes as David whispers to her] I found you.
Monica: [Monica smiles, whispering back] Hi.
David: [David smiles with dried tears on his eyes] Hi.
Monica: I must have dozed off. How long have I...
David: Would you like some coffee? Just the way you like it?
Monica: Yeah, I'd love a coffee. It'll wake me up.