Matron Mama Morton
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Matron Mama Morton (Character)
from Chicago (2002)

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Chicago (2002)
Roxie: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Matron Mama Morton: You're talking to the wrong people.

Matron Mama Morton: [singing] Don't you know that this hand washes that one, too? When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you.

Matron Mama Morton: In this town, murder's a form of entertainment.

Roxie: Mr. Flynn!
[pretends to faint]
Billy Flynn: Someone open this door immediately!
Ms. Sunshine: Oh, my God! Roxie! What is it, dear?
Roxie: Oh! Oh! Oh, no no no. Don't, don't worry about me. Oh, I only hope the fall didn't hurt the baby.
Matron Mama Morton: Baby?
Velma Kelly: Shit!

[at the entrance to the jail cells]
Matron Mama Morton: Hey, you must be that Hart girl.
Roxie: Yes, m'am
Matron Mama Morton: Aren't you the pretty one.
Roxie: Thank you m'am
Matron Mama Morton: Call me mama. Now don't worry 'cause we're gonna take care of you. You'll be staying on E-block. "Murderess Row" we like to call it.
Roxie: Oh... Is that nicer?

Matron Mama Morton: [singing] Let's all stroke together, like the Princeton crew. When you're strokin' Mama, MAMA'S STROKIN' YOU!

Matron Mama Morton: As you know I'm here to take care of you. Now if anything hurts you, or upsets you in any way... don't run your fat ass mouth off to me cause I don't give a shit. Now move out.

[practicing for her interview]
Roxie: [Southern accent] I was born on a beautiful southern convent.
Matron Mama Morton: What?
Roxie: [Normal voice] Oh, holy shit! Oh, I'm never gonna get this straight.

[Velma asks Moma how much it will cost her for a phone call]
Matron Mama Morton: Come on, Vel, you know how I feel about you. You're like family to me, one of my own.
Matron Mama Morton: I'll do it for fifty.

Matron Mama Morton: They say that life is tit for tat, and that's the way I live... so I deserve a lotta tat for what I've got to give.

Matron Mama Morton: [singing] If you want my gravy, pepper my ragout - Spice it up for Mama, she'll get hot for you.

Matron Mama Morton: Ask any of the chickies in my pen - / They'll tell you I'm the biggest mother hen. / I love them all and all of them love me / Because the system works, / The system called "reciprocity"!

Matron Mama Morton: Sometimes you get a little success, and it's good riddance to who put you there.

Roxie: Thank you, ma'am.
Matron Mama Morton: No, call me Mama. We're going to take care of you.