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Prime Minister Mitamura (Character)
from Godzilla 1985 (1984)

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Godzilla 1985 (1984)
Prime Minister Mitamura: [US version] Godzilla... I was hoping I would never hear that name again.

[English export version]
Prime Minister Mitamura: Let me state clearly, what principles are involved for Japan. We neither, possess, nor use, nuclear weapons. That being the case, we cannot permit their use now. That's final.
Soviet Ambassador Chefski: Your country's pride is at stake here, but Russia has already lost a valuable nuclear submarine, to Godzilla! We have the right to destroy him!
American Ambassador Rosenberg: This is no time to be discussing principles!
Prime Minister Mitamura: It is the right time when principles are at stake. We can't lose our heads because of a crisis. Besides, we have no proof, nuclear weapons are going to work. But once we do use them, who can say, when they'll be used again? We've lost any rights. You accuse us of acting out of national pride, and maybe we are guilty of that. But what of, your attitude? What right do you have to say, we have to follow you? You are being selfish, too. I, will agree, to discuss it with your leaders. I'll talk to them personally, on our stand.