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Quotes for
Akane Yashiro (Character)
from Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla (2002)

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Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla (2002)
Akane Yashiro: I'll show you what Kiryu can do!

[Hayama sees Akane and Dr. Yuhara sitting together at a coffee bar]
JSDF 2nd Lieutenant Hayama: [to Akane] You seem to have a lot of older fans. Are you giving off some kind of pheromone?
Tokumitsu Yuhara: [stands up] How dare you!
JSDF 2nd Lieutenant Hayama: [Pushes him away] Piss off!
Akane Yashiro: [Akane hits Hayama in the back and pins him to the table] Hayama... that's enough.

Akane Yashiro: Kiryu, you understand what I say. You and I are buddies. Shall we go?

Akane Yashiro: Thank you.
Sara Yuhara: For what?
Akane Yashiro: You gave me strength. So did the others. No life is worthless. I believe you now.

Tokumitsu Yuhara: Remember our bet? I owe you a celebration dinner.
Akane Yashiro: I didn't win. It was a draw. In that case, I'll treat you to dinner.