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Vinnie (Character)
from Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)

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Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
Vinnie: There it is!

Vinnie: What's that?
Josh Waitzkin: Schliemann attack.
Vinnie: Schliemann attack? Where'd you learn that from, a book?
Josh Waitzkin: No, my teacher taught me.
Vinnie: Oh, your teacher. Well, forget it. Play like you used to, from the gut. Get your pawns rolling on the queen's side. Come and get me.

Vinnie: He didn't teach you how to win, he taught you how not to lose. That's nothing to be proud of. You're playing not to lose, Josh. You've got to risk losing. You've got to risk everything. You've got to go to the edge of defeat. That's where you want to be, boy - on the edge of defeat.
Josh Waitzkin: But...
Vinnie: But what? Play. Never play the board, always the man. You've gotta play the man *playing* the board. Play *me*. I'm your opponent, you have to beat *me*. Not the board, beat *me*.