Laverne Hooks
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Laverne Hooks (Character)
from Police Academy (1984)

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Police Academy (1984)
Cadet Laverne Hooks: [a thug, after being knocked down some stairs, realizes he's still got a gun in his waist. He reaches for it, and a revolver is pointed in his face] *Don't move, dirtbag!*

Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris: What the hell are you doing here?
Cadet Laverne Hooks: I wanna be a police officer.
Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris: What? I can't hear you-u?
Cadet Laverne Hooks: [whispering] I wanna be a police officer.
Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris: Don't unpack.

Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris: [In the TV Version edited with no swearing] What is it? What is it?
Cadet Chad Copeland: She ran over my feet!
Cadet Laverne Hooks: Oh, I'm sorry. I really am.
Cadet Chad Copeland: Sorry? You dumb, fat nincompoop!

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)
Lt. Mauser: Let me see your piece. There's no round in the chamber.
Officer Hooks: I was afraid it might go off.
Lt. Mauser: Oh, heavens to be, it might go off. That's one for Hooks.

Lt. Mauser: That is all. Thanks for your time.
Officer Hooks: What about me, sir? Don't I get a car?
Lt. Mauser: [imitating Hooks] "Oh, what about me sir? Don't I get a car?" No, you don't get a car. You get a nice little chair and a nice little desk and a nice little office for your nice little voice!
Officer Hooks: Asshole!
Lt. Mauser: That's two!

Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)
Sgt. Laverne Hooks: Oops, I've got the wrong keys. I'll be right back.
Cadet Zed: Hey, that's no problem.
[Zed hotwires the police cruiser while Sgt Hooks looks on in horror]