Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry
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Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry (Character)
from Police Academy (1984)

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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987)
Tackleberry: [Hands over gun to Mrs. Feldman] Now remember, that's a 44 Magnum and it's quite a...
[Mrs. Feldman shoots target and the blast catapults her to the lodge]
Tackleberry: ...kick.
Mrs. Feldman: Damn, that was fun!

Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: You want to become one with the gun. Feel the gun, caress the gun until it's a living, breathing, vibrating extension of yourself.
Mahoney: I look for the same in a woman.

Cmndt. Eric Lassard: What is the most frustrating thing about police work?
Tackleberry: Not being able to carry hand grenades, sir.
Lt. Debbie Callahan: Separate locker rooms, sir.
Mahoney: Icky blue uniforms.

Police Academy (1984)
Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris: Son, where did you get that gun?
Cadet Eugene Tackleberry: [smiling proudly] My mum gave it to me.

Cadet Eugene Tackleberry: Drop that stereo before I blow your goddamn nuts off, asshole.

Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: Excuse me sir, this is a non-smoking area. I'm gonna' have to ask you to distinguish that cigar.
Man with Cigar: Drop dead! I'll put it out when I'm finished.
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: You'll put it out now mister!
[Tackleberry fires a crossbow bolt into the cigar]

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994)
Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [Bellboy is eating in Lassard's hotel room, plates of food strewn everywhere. Jones & Tackleberry are outside. They see a messy room service tray. Jones knocks on door] Sir? I want to remind you the plane leaves at 3 o'clock!
Bellboy: [With a mouthful of water] In a bathroom.
Sgt. Larvelle Jones: Sir?
[Bellboy lets out a huge belch. Jones looks worried, sees 'Do Not Disturb' sign on door]
Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [to Tackleberry] Something about that sign disturbs...
Bellboy: [on toilet, burping, crying] Mama.
Sgt. Larvelle Jones: [to Tackleberry] What do you say we, uh...
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: I'm way ahead of ya.
[Tackleberry takes wine bottle holder from cart, puts it on his head and charges, breaking a hole in the door]
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: Sir?
Bellboy: [Bellboy is seen showering fully clothed, freezing in the cold water] In the t-t-t-t-t-t bathrooooom...
[Tackleberry puts the wine bottle holder down, puts his cap back on. Jones & Tackleberry silently leave]

Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach (1988)
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: [a shark starts swimming toward the beach and everybody is running away until the shark swims right up to Tackleberry's gun] . You leave the swimming area NOW, Mister!
[the shark swims away]
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry: .

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)
Tackleberry: [softly] Mahoney... Mahoney... I'm a virgin.
[Everyone in the bar stops and looks at Tackleberry]