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Dietrich Hassler (Character)
from Face/Off (1997)

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Face/Off (1997)
Dietrich: Hey Sean, how's your dead son?

Dietrich: You look like you just fucked your mother.

Dietrich: No more drugs for that man.

Dietrich: God damn. My place is getting FUCKED up.
Castor Troy: Ha HA HA HA HA Ha!

Fitch: So, once we kidnap "supercop", then what?
Sean Archer: [smiles enigmatically, moving his finger across his face] Tiny... surgery.
[Dietrich looks at "Castor" confused]
Sean Archer: l'd like to take his... his face... off. Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, l have to use the little boy's wee-wee room.
[Sean stands and starts to walk away]
Dietrich: Cas...
[Sean turns back to Dietrich]
Dietrich: You wanna take his... face...
Sean Archer: [smiles widely] Yes. His face... off. Eyes...
[Sean slightly pinches Dietrich's nose]
Sean Archer: ...nose. Skin. lt's coming off.
[Sean walks away, leaving the others totally confused of his last words]
Dietrich: [mimicks Sean's gesture] The face... off.