Dr. Eve Archer
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Dr. Eve Archer (Character)
from Face/Off (1997)

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Face/Off (1997)
Sean Archer: [over a car phone in a stolen car] Eve, listen to me. The man you think is your husband isn't.
Dr. Eve Archer: Who is this?
Sean Archer: Listen. Take Jamie. Go to your mother's. Don't tell him where you're going, just go!
Dr. Eve Archer: Whoever you are, don't call again!

Dr. Eve Archer: [at their son's grave site with Troy posing as Sean] Happy Birthday, Mikey. He took our baby, Sean. He took our little boy.

Dr. Eve Archer: [after seeing him drive past their home without realizing it] Well, Sean, I knew it only a matter of time before you forgot where we lived.
Castor Troy: Come on, gimme a break, every house on this block looks the same.

Sean Archer: [Introducing Adam to Jamie and Eve] This is Adam and he needs a place to live why don't show Adam his new room?
Jamie Archer: Come on
Dr. Eve Archer: [nods] Ok