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Quotes for
Singe (Character)
from "Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015)

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"Power Rangers Dino Charge: A Date with Danger (#2.4)" (2016)
Singe: So these are the so-called heroes. Heroes give me such a headache. Only one way to cure a hero headache, crush them!

Singe: I might have to destroy you another day. My head is killing me.
Fury: Forget your stupid headache. Finish them off!
Singe: You're telling me what to do? You've been here millions of years and haven't recovered one Energem.
Fury: I'll get rid of your headache by getting rid of your head!

Heckyl: So, Singe, where are the Energems you promised Snide?
Singe: Look...
[shows a photo of Kaylee]
Wrench: It's the Black Ranger's girlfriend.
Singe: I have a new strategy that I think you'll appreciate, Heckyl. Humans are obsessed with a crazy little thing called love. Go after the ones they hold dear and they'll fall apart.
Heckyl: Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow. Bring me an Energem, Singe, or you'll have no tomorrow.

"Power Rangers Dino Charge: Recipe for Disaster (#2.13)" (2016)
Singe: Well, speaking of trash, look who's here. It's Heckyl and his motley crew.
Heckyl: How dare you return to my planet, Singe.
Lord Arcanon: He came on my command. I am Lord Arcanon. Long ago, I hired Sledge to capture an army for me.
Wrench: Oh, it's true! Sledge worked for a monster named Arcanon. The only monster he was ever afraid of.
Lord Arcanon: Sledge's monsters and his ship are mine. I have come to pay the bounties and collect my prisoners, including you Heckyl! You and Snide belong to me!

Singe: Don't worry, Heckyl. I kicked out the dungeon rats. But they'll probably come back.

"Power Rangers Dino Charge: Forged Under Fire (#2.6)" (2016)
Singe: Is that all you got, you walking carnival?
Red Dino Charge Ranger: You're gonna wish you didn't ask for more! T-Rex Super Charge Blast! Final strike!
[fires at Singe]
Singe: I'm really feeling the burn!

Singe: No! Don't lock us in here!
Fury: Anything but that!
Heckyl: The Rangers love it when we fight amongst ourselves. We'll never beat them unless we can work together. Maybe a little quality time will help you learn to play nice.

"Power Rangers Dino Charge: Freaky Fightday (#2.16)" (2016)
Game Face: Today's lesson: the Switch Eraser.
Singe: What's that going to do, dust the Rangers to destruction?