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Biography for
Viktor (Character)
from Underworld (2003)

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Was a powerful ruler during his mortal life, yet near his death, a man by the name of Marcus comes to Viktor. Markus was the original of his species, a vampire. Markus offered Viktor eternal life, as he needed the power Viktor controlled to defeat his brother, William, the original lycan, a werewolf. Viktor, who feared death, agreed, and Markus had an army. Yet it came with a terrible price. Markus was the most powerful in his strength, yet Viktor now wielded more leverage. Viktor led his men to defeat the lycans, and imprisons William. Viktor gradually came to gather a false history around himself. As the years passed, he comes to be viewed as the original vampire, and controls Markus through the threat that he will slay William. As Viktor rules, vampires flourish, and Viktor himself has a daughter, by the name of Sonja. He adores her, yet she eventually comes to love a lycan by the name of Lucian. Lycans now serve as Viktor's slaves, and he views this as a betrayal, and when she becomes pregnant, he sees that he has no choice. A joining of the species would be an abomination; her love for Lucien is heresy. He, by his view, is forced to put her to death. Lucian escapes, and swears vengeance. Thus begins the rebellion of the lycans, and the great war. Viktor again leads his men mercilessly against his enemies, yet struggles to kill Lucian himself. It is a vampire by the name of Kraven that kills Lucian. Viktor rewards Kraven, as he is placed in a new position of esteem. Kraven becomes Viktor's assistant, of sorts, as he covers up the leader's misdeeds. Viktor has put forth laws, but finds them hard to follow, especially that of not preying on humans. One night, Viktor decides the family of the man that built William's hidden prison must be killed, and goes to do so. Yet, while he is draining their blood, he stumbles upon their young daughter, Selene. He finds that she reminds him of his own daughter, Sonja, and cannot kill her. He thus turns her, and adopts her as his own. Years pass as he raises Selene to believe he was her savior. She grows to be a death dealer, a warrior. She eventually comes to believe she has found a conspiracy, that Kraven did not slay Lucien, and that they are secretly in league. She awakes Viktor from his slumber, and he does not believe her. Meanwhile, she has become involved with a human named Michael, who the lycans are pursuing. After he is bitten by one, Viktor becomes angry at Selene's protection of him. Because of this, he does not believe her, and despite his dislike of him, allows Kraven to look into his own case. As Selene furthers her path away from him and towards the lycan, Viktor sentences her to be judged by the council. Yet, she returns, with proof that Kraven is a traitor. An injured lycan tells Viktor of a plan, that Michael could become a hybrid of both species, more powerful than both. In his anger at hearing of such an abomination, Viktor kills the lycan. He is also truly struck at his mistreatment of Selene, and promises her redemption, when she kills Michael. He also vows to kill Kraven. Selene departs, and Viktor prepares to storm Lucian's keep. He arrives, and slays the lycans in his path, and seeks to kill Lucian, only to find Kraven's treachery knows no bounds. Lucian is slain by Kraven, by his counterpart. Viktor now seeks to find and kill Kraven, but finds Selene with Michael. He sees her biting the fiend, and stops her from the mistake he sees her to be making. He wishes to find Kraven, and asks her where he has fled, but she is distraught. She knows the truth. Viktor tries to explain, for he truly loves Selene, and believes he has given her far more than he has taken. Yet she then confronts him with the execution of Sonja. He is struck with regret, and exclaims that he loved his daughter as he does Selene, but was forced to protect the species, as the creature within her womb was a danger to all. Despite all his trials, he must again face such a threat. He prepares to defeat the hybrid that yet another daughter has created, Michael. Despite the fact that a hybrid is more powerful than either vampire or lycan, Viktor's skill enables him to defeat Michael. He prepares to finish the man, when Selene protects that whom she has come to love. Viktor is not expecting her attack, and she slays Viktor with his own sword. A life of strength, protection, and painful lies has been ended.

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