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Molina (Character)
from The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004) (VG)

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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004) (VG)
Mattsson, Silencio, Zuni, Fateen: It's true, I swear on my mother's grave!
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: You can swear on whoever's grave you want, it's still BS.
Mattsson, Silencio, Zuni, Fateen: I ain't bullshitting, Trigo.
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: Ah shut up, get your god damn head checked or something.
Mattsson, Silencio, Zuni, Fateen: I did that once... Ain't no fun.
Theo, Zlonzo, Barassa: Well do it again, and this time get him to amalyze your mind or something, like that guy Sigmen Floyd.
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: Sigmen *who*?
Theo, Zlonzo, Barassa: Sigmen Floyd man! He was like some psycho professor from a long time ago or whatever who said all guys wanna screw their mom or something. And he discovered dreams, the mind, subconscious and fucking who knows what else!
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: Shit, the mind?
Theo, Zlonzo, Barassa: Yeah man... Hey you know what, shut the hell up, I'm trying to explain here!
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: Relax Holmes, sorry!
Theo, Zlonzo, Barassa: Anyway, he discovered the mind... and uh... cerebral stuff...
Molina, Quintana, Trigo: Now *that* is hardcore.
Theo, Zlonzo, Barassa: Yeah man, Sigmen Floyd!