Abu 'Imam' al-Walid
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Abu 'Imam' al-Walid (Character)
from Pitch Black (2000)

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Pitch Black (2000)
Imam: Because you do not believe in God does not mean God does not believe in - .
Riddick: Think someone could spend half their life in a slam with a horse bit in their mouth and not believe? Think he could start out in some liquor store trash bin with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and not believe? Got it all wrong, holy man. I absolutely believe in God... And I absolutely hate the fucker.

Jack: [after Riddick comes back] Never had a doubt!
Richard B. Riddick: Anyone not ready for this?
Imam: *There* is my God, Mr. Riddick!

Imam: Where's Johns?
Riddick: Which half?

Imam: I have already prayed with the others. It is painless.
Riddick: It is pointless.

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
Imam: Have you heard anything I've said?
Richard B. Riddick: You said it's all circling the drain, the whole universe. Right?
Imam: That's right.
Richard B. Riddick: Had to end sometime.

Ziza: [to Riddick] Did you really kill monsters? The ones that were gonna hurt my father?
Imam: Such are our bedtime stories.

Imam: Lajjun and Ziza!
Richard B. Riddick: When it's over.
Imam: Let me go! I must get to my family!
Richard B. Riddick: When it's over!

Imam: [to Irgun] There will be an afterlife for me. Will there be for you?

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004) (V)
Richard B. Riddick: Get her on her feet.
Abu 'Imam' al-Walid: I cannot see!
Richard B. Riddick: You don't want to.