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Richard B. Riddick (Character)
from Pitch Black (2000)

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The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
Richard B. Riddick: Its been a long time since I smelled beautiful.
Dame Vaako: Let me show you the way.

Richard B. Riddick: Remember that favorite game of yours?
Kyra: "Who's the Better Killer?"
Richard B. Riddick: Let's play.

Richard B. Riddick: You made three mistakes. First, you took the job. Second, you came light. A four man crew for me? Fucking insulting. But the worst mistake you made...
[Toombs darts for the gun rack which he finds to be empty while Riddick smiles]
Richard B. Riddick: ...empty gun rack.

Imam: Have you heard anything I've said?
Richard B. Riddick: You said it's all circling the drain, the whole universe. Right?
Imam: That's right.
Richard B. Riddick: Had to end sometime.

Slam Guard: You'll kill us... with a soup cup?
Richard B. Riddick: Tea, actually.
Slam Guard: What's that?
Richard B. Riddick: I'll kill you with my teacup.

[last lines]
[director's cut]
Richard B. Riddick: You keep what you kill.

Vaako: This is your one chance. Take the Lord Marshals' offer and bow.
Richard B. Riddick: I bow to no man.
Vaako: [take off his helmet] He is not a man. He's the holy Half-Dead who has seen the UnderVerse.
Richard B. Riddick: Look, I'm not with everyone here. But I will take a piece of him.
[points to Irgun]
Vaako: A piece you will have.

Richard B. Riddick: [in cryosleep] Merceneries. Elementals. Necromongers. Shit, I've never been so popular. I should probaly slip these chains and open up a few arteries. But why drive when you can get driven? Free ticket to Crematoria. Thanks Toombs. Got me some business there, named Jack. And once we settle up, I walk away forever. So I'll just wait... all back-of-the-bus for now.

Richard B. Riddick: [to Aereon] The blade comes off when the bounty comes off.

Dame Vaako: [about the Necropolis] The first six Lord Marshals have called this home. Magnificent, isn't it?
Richard B. Riddick: I might have gone a different way.
Purifier: True of us all.

Richard B. Riddick: [to Imam] Now who do I have to kill to get this payday off my head?

Richard B. Riddick: Not my fight.

Richard B. Riddick: [to Aereon] Sister, they don't know what to do with just one of me.

Imam: Lajjun and Ziza!
Richard B. Riddick: When it's over.
Imam: Let me go! I must get to my family!
Richard B. Riddick: When it's over!

The Guv: There are inmates and there are convicts. A convict has a certain code. And he knows to show a certain respect. An inmate, on the other hand, pulls the pin on his fellow man. Does the guards' work for them... brings shame... to the game. So, which are you gonna be?
Richard B. Riddick: Me? I'm just passin' through.

Richard B. Riddick: Don't bother. Guards ain't there. They figured out the Necros are comin' for me. Plan was to clean the bank, ghost the mercs, break wide for the tunnel. And then somebody got a lucky shot off with this rocket launcher here... and took out the sled. Guards took off on foot but rigged the door so no one could follow. They'll take the one ship in the hangar and leave everyone else to die.
Toombs: How come you know all this shit? You weren't even here.
Richard B. Riddick: Cause it was my plan.

Richard B. Riddick: It's an animal thing.

Richard B. Riddick: What was that? You don't care if you live or die?
Kyra: If I kill them first, not really.
Richard B. Riddick: [quietly] Maybe I do.
Richard B. Riddick: Keep moving!

Richard B. Riddick: [a guard has Kyra in a choke-hold] I don't think she likes being touched. I'd take my wounded and go... while you still can.

[referring to a Necromonger Riddick has just killed rather easily in hand-to-hand combat]
Lord Marshal: Irgun. One of my best.
Richard B. Riddick: If you say so.

Lord Marshal: What do you think of this blade?
[Riddick grabs it, spins it around over and under his hand; catches it blade facing him and offers it back to the Lord Marshal]
Richard B. Riddick: I think it's a half-gram heavy on the back end.

Richard B. Riddick: Kyra.
[No response]
Richard B. Riddick: [Louder] Kyra!
Kyra: [Screams] What?
Richard B. Riddick: Get that ASS MOVING!

Richard B. Riddick: Are you with me, Kyra?
Kyra: I was always with you. I was.

Richard B. Riddick: Lesson Learned. No such word as "friend".

Richard B. Riddick: There's gonna be one speed... mine. If you can't keep up, don't step up. You'll just die.

Richard B. Riddick: You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

Richard B. Riddick: [to Eve Logan]
[director's cut]
Richard B. Riddick: Did you know you grind your teeth at night? Sexy.

Richard B. Riddick: [director's cut] They say most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep.
Shirah: ...Brain shuts down in cryosleep...
Richard B. Riddick: All but the primitive side.
Shirah: All but the primitive side.
Richard B. Riddick: The animal side.
Shirah: All but the Furyan side.
Shirah: Some of us still remember the true crime that happened here on Furya. And once you wake - truly wake - you'll remember too.

Eve Logan: [about Toombs] What the hell is he thinkin' now?
Richard B. Riddick: He's thinkin' of a triple-max prison. A no-daylight slam. Only three of 'em left in this system, two of 'em outta range for a shitty little undercutter like this one with no legs. Leavin' just one - crematoria. That is what you had in mind. Right Toombs?

Richard B. Riddick: [to Toombs] Don't know about this new crew of yours. They seem a bit skittish. Probably shouldn't tell 'em what happened to the last crew.

Kyra: [sneaks up behind Riddick and points a blade at his back] Should I go for the sweet spot? Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down; the abdominal aorta? What a gusher.
[looks over Riddick's shoulder]
Kyra: How do I get eyes like that?
Richard B. Riddick: You gotta kill a few people.
Kyra: Did that. Did a lot of that.
Richard B. Riddick: Then you gotta get sent to a slam.
Kyra: One where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. Only there wasn't a doctor here who could shine my eyes, not even for 20 menthol Kools. Was there anything you said that was true?

Richard B. Riddick: I'm sure God has his tricks, but getting out of places no one else can, that's one of mine.

Richard B. Riddick: Maybe you should pretend like you're talking to someone educated in the penal system.

Richard B. Riddick: I told one man where I might go, I showed trust to one man. Did I make a mistake Imam.

Pitch Black (2000)
Johns: How's it look?
Riddick: Looks clear.
[Johns steps forward, and a creature flies out towards them. They duck and it flies into the night]
Johns: You said it was clear!
Riddick: I said it *looked* clear.
Johns: Well, how does it look now?
Riddick: Looks clear.

[first lines]
Riddick: [voiceover] They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but the primitive side, the animal side. No wonder I'm still awake. Transporting me with civilians. Sounded like 40, 40-plus. Heard an Arab voice. Some hoodoo holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca. But what route? What route? I smelt a woman. Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather. Prospector type. Free settlers. And they only take the back roads. And here's my real problem. Mr. Johns... the blue-eyed devil. Planning on taking me back to slam... only this time he picked a ghost lane. A long time between stops. A long time for something to go wrong...

Riddick: All you people are so scared of me. Most days I'd take that as a compliment. But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.

Jack: Where the hell can I get eyes like that?
Riddick: Gotta kill a few people.
Jack: 'Kay, I can do it.
Riddick: Then you got to get sent to a slam, where they tell you you'll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.
Jack: So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?
Riddick: Exactly.

[last lines]
Jack: Lotta questions, whoever we run into. Could even be a merc ship. So, what the hell do we tell them about you?
Richard B. Riddick: Tell them Riddick's dead. He died somewhere back on that planet.

Imam: Because you do not believe in God does not mean God does not believe in - .
Riddick: Think someone could spend half their life in a slam with a horse bit in their mouth and not believe? Think he could start out in some liquor store trash bin with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and not believe? Got it all wrong, holy man. I absolutely believe in God... And I absolutely hate the fucker.

Riddick: [rain has just put out all the torches; Riddick laughs] Where the hell's your God now?

Jack: [after Riddick comes back] Never had a doubt!
Richard B. Riddick: Anyone not ready for this?
Imam: *There* is my God, Mr. Riddick!

Fry: You're fucking with me, I know you are.
Riddick: You know I am? You don't know anything about me. I will leave you here.

Riddick: [speaking of the dead settlers] But they forgot to lock the celler.

Johns: I thought I said no shivs.
Riddick: You mean this? This is just a personal grooming appliance.

Paris: Paris P. Olgilvie. Antiquities dealer, entrepreneur.
Riddick: Richard B. Riddick. Escaped convict. Murderer.

Riddick: Back to the ship, huh? Just huddle together, until the lights burn out? 'Til you can't see what's eating you? Is that the big plan?

Imam: Where's Johns?
Riddick: Which half?

Imam: I have already prayed with the others. It is painless.
Riddick: It is pointless.

Johns: Battlefield doctors decide who lives and dies. It's called 'triage'.
Riddick: They kept calling it 'murder' when I did it.

Riddick: [evil smile] Like I said, it ain't me you gotta worry about.

[Riddick slits a raptor's throat, then snaps its neck]
Riddick: Did *not* know who he was fuckin' with.

Riddick: I know you don't prep your emergency ship unless there's a fuckin' emergency.
Jack: He's fuckin' right.
Johns: Hey, watch your mouth.

Riddick: I truly don't know what's gonna happen when the lights go out, Carolyn, but I do know, once the dying starts, this little psycho fuck family of ours is gonna rip itself apart.

Riddick: That's death row up there, especially with the girl bleeding.
[Johns looks at Fry]
Johns: The fuck you talking about? She's not cut.
Riddick: Not her.
[turns around and looks at Jack]
Riddick: Her.

[They hear creatures inside the ship]
Richard B. Riddick: Come on, Johns. You got the big gauge.
William J. Johns: I'd rather piss glass. Why don't you go fuckin' check?

[after Johns is killed]
Jack: We're gonna lose everybody out here. We should've stayed at the ship.
Richard B. Riddick: He died fast, and if we have any choice about it, that's the way we all should go out.
[specifically to Jack]
Richard B. Riddick: Don't you cry for Johns. Don't you dare.

Richard B. Riddick: Not for me! Not for me!

Riddick: [Fry is fighting with Riddick, who wants to leave Jack and Imam behind] Would die for them?
Fry: I would try for them!
Riddick: You didn't answer me.
Fry: Yes, Riddick. I would. I would die for them.
Riddick: [pulling off goggles] How interesting.

Riddick: Strong survival instinct. I admire that in a woman.

Riddick (2013)
[from trailer]
Riddick: You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

Riddick: Three down, eight left. Now, normally I'd just keep going. Six down... Nine down... You get where I'm going with this.

Riddick: Somewhere along the way, I lost a step. I got sloppy. Dulled my own edge. Maybe I went and did the worst crime of all... I got civilized.

[first lines]
Riddick: Don't know how many times I've been crossed off the list and left for dead. Guess when it first happens the day you were born, you're gonna lose count. So this, this ain't nothing new.

Riddick: You can blame him for dangling Furya. Home has a certain equity. But I do blame him for what came next.
Krone: It's a long way to come. For this.
Riddick: This guy with the fucked up face, Krone, he was suppose to be our ride home. But instead of Furya, we wind up someplace called Not Furya. Yet again, someone was trying to play me. So yet again, we play for blood.

[Riddick just killed Santana]
Diaz: Yeah. Let's cut him loose.
Dahl: That was five seconds.
Riddick: I like to be a man of my word.

Riddick: Love those toenails, by the way.
Dahl: Yeah? Predator Pink.
Riddick: Matches your nipples.

Riddick: [to Luna] And kid, leave God out of this. He wants no part of what happens next.

Consort: So what is the best way to a man's heart?
Riddick: Between the fourth and fifth rib. That's where I usually go. I'll put a twist at the end if I wanna make sure.

Riddick: There are bad days, and then there are legendary bad days. This was shaping up to be one of those. Whole damn planet wanted a piece of me. Can't stay in the open. Can't risk another attack. It's always the punch you don't see coming that puts you down. But why didn't I see it? But why didn't I see it? Of course they were gonna try and kill me. Death is what they do for a living. So the question ain't "What happened?" The question is "What happened to me?"

Riddick: Transcendence. I guess that was Necro speak for "Get the fuck off our ship and make it forever." Fine by me.

Riddick: So what's the bounty at?
Boss Johns: I don't know. I don't care. It's not why I'm here.
Riddick: I bet the big jamoke knows.
Diaz: Yeah. I know exactly what it is.
Boss Johns: What I do know is that's double if you're brought back dead.
Riddick: That's new. Will it be enough to pay your funerals?

Riddick: When the chains come off Box Boy, you go in the first five seconds.
Santana: Really? And you plan on killing me with what, your mouth?
Riddick: That shiny blade.
Santana: I'd love to see you try.

Riddick: Now here's what's gonna happen. In 60 seconds you're gonna take these chains off me. We're gonna make a play for those nodes and get off this rock. But somewhere along the line, when it gets really bad, Johns is gonna fold just like Little Johns did. Then when it's all over and the rest of you are ready for Dead Animal Pickup, I'm gonna go balls deep into Dahl. But only because she asked me to. Sweet-like.
Lockspur: What does he mean, "When things go bad"? What? This doesn't mean qualify as bad?
Dahl: What the fuck is happening? How fucked are we?
Riddick: Who knows how long it will rain? Or just how many of them are buried out there?
Lockspur: He saw it. He saw it with those eyes of his and he didn't even tell us what.

Boss Johns: Do you think you can ride one of these things?
Riddick: I'll ride it like I stole it.

Riddick: They say you lost your nerve, Vaako, after that big swing and a miss.
Vaako: Is that what they say?
Riddick: Now what are you gonna do to get that cred back? What's the big play? Something splashy.
Vaako: Actually, I had in mind something different. I've been thinking about an early campaign. My first. I was but a boy. We dropped Necromongers from the sky and did what Necromongers do. Destruction was breathtaking. But then we met resistance. Ferocious like a storm of lions. Each one of them killed over a hundred Necro before their weapons failed. And then they killed another 30 more. Barehanded. Our firepower and strength in numbers eventually won us the day. I can still see him, the last of those magnificent warriors, standing on a pile of his own. And he looked at me. And I will never forget those eyes. His eyes were just like yours. The planet was Furya.
Riddick: I know what it's called.
Vaako: You just don't know where it is.
Riddick: I need charts. I need maps.
Vaako: Impossible.
Riddick: I need a direction.
Vaako: Purged from all records, as you well know.
Riddick: But you remember where.
Vaako: So many worlds... The only map left in existence is the one that's in my head, Riddick.
Riddick: So what do you want? The crown?
Vaako: Transcendence.

Riddick: Some wanted to put a crown on my head. Some wanted to put a noose around my neck.

Riddick: So now we zero the clock. Just me and this no-name world. Gotta find that animal side again.

Riddick: [grabbing him] Are you scared of me?
Moss: Yeah.
Riddick: [knife to his throat] Are they scared of me?
Moss: Yes, they're scared of you.
Riddick: Maybe you're all scared of the wrong thing.

Riddick: You grant any last wishes?
Riddick: [to Dahl] I was referring to you.
Dahl: Not that the chains aren't a hot look, but no. I'm not gonna straddle you in front of all these guys.
Riddick: What if I killed all of 'em first?
Dahl: Easy, boy. There's a lot more tranq where that came from.

Riddick: Didn't know your son was a junky? Johns was like most mercs. They look all stand up and do right, until you cut them open and you find something missing. In his case, a spine.

Boss Johns: Lot of good men died here, Riddick. Not sure how I'm supposed to overlook that. Next time.
Riddick: Yeah, things would have been different if they weren't trying to put my head in a box.

[last lines]
Riddick: I'll tell you this, Johns: sooner or later we all have to head home. Tell Dahl to keep it warm for me. And Johns, you keep a strong spine.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004) (VG)
Hoxie: Allready trying to get under my skin, Riddick?
Richard B. Riddick: It'l be easier... if I had something sharp.

Richard B. Riddick: Hmm... a med-station, takes away the hurt, leaves the pain.

Richard B. Riddick: Today, Johns, you get fucked.

Richard B. Riddick: Talking about me? Never wise.

Richard B. Riddick: [disguising himself as a guard] The wolf moves among sheep.

Richard B. Riddick: Uh oh, looks like that memory's still working, Johns.

Richard B. Riddick: [talking to guard] The dark... are you afraid? I'm not. The dark is afraid of me.

Abbott: You're messin' with the natural order of things here, Riddick. As a result someone can get hurt. And we don't want that.
Richard B. Riddick: Speak for yourself.

Riot Guard: Prisoner! This is restricted area! What are you doing here?
Richard B. Riddick: Oh. Heh. Sorry, my mistake.
Riot Guard: Shit, you're Riddick!
Richard B. Riddick: I think you're gonna need backup.
Riot Guard: Command, I need backup!

Richard B. Riddick: [Riddick loses his assault rifle and resorts to getting into grabbing range on the prison guard. Both of them fall down a pit with Riddick surviving] It ain't the fall that get you. It's the sudden stop at the bottom.

Richard B. Riddick: The main frame security will be tight... I like a challenge

Richard B. Riddick: [Picks up his first assault rifle] Now things get interesting...

Hoxie: I should just have them put slugs in both your heads right now!
Richard B. Riddick: Why ruin a nice carpet?

Hoxie: What to do, what to do... hmmm. I've got entire regions rioting. My slam has become a damn warzone. I'm losing men faster than I can replace them... and all this unrest... well, it began soon after you arrived, Riddick.
Richard B. Riddick: Could be a coincidence.

Hoxie: I'm sending you to the mines, Riddick. Down below the surface, where the sun never shines. You'll be the target of every con looking to make his bones with the Aquilas. I expect things could get ugly.
Richard B. Riddick: I'll be disappointed, if they don't.

Jagger Valance: Things work the same down here as they do up there. You give and you get.
Richard B. Riddick: Trust me Jagger, what I can give... you don't wanna get.

[the player kills a guard supervising Valya]
Valya: Greetings space traveler! I find myself detained in custody with no other fun than that jester which you just disposed of!
Richard B. Riddick: I found him only mildly amusing.
Valya: Watch your tongue space traveler! Still, I appreciate your kind gesture despite having killed the poor jester! Haha!

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (2009) (VG)
[from trailer]
Riddick: They say... hope begins in the dark.
Riddick: But most just flail around in the blackness searching for their destiny. The darkness, for me, is where I shine.

[from trailer]
Riddick: In the end, everybody bleeds the same...

Dacher: So, you are not a merc. And you are not a prisoner either. What the hell are you?
Riddick: I'm Hell's messenger. Name's Riddick.

Lynn Silverman: Are you hiding from the monsters too?
Riddick: Not hiding... Hunting.

Riddick: The Igeuran System... Full of desperate suckers who couldn't make it anywhere else. Where there's desperation, there's opportunity.

Riddick: [From trailer] The body is willing... The mind is controlled. This unholy fusion between flesh and technology...
Riddick: Now the monsters have something to fear...
Riddick: [Montage of Riddick killing these drones] The dead... should stay dead.

Riddick: Did she succeed or did you fail? Right now you look like you're full of fail.

Riddick: I didn't escape. I just traded one hell for another.

Spinner: What a treat! Richard B. Riddick... The toughest mother fucker in the galaxy. Wait, scratch that, second toughest - after me. You want a shot at the title?
Spinner: [Dying words, defeated by Riddick] I... I could of had you.
Riddick: If it's any consolation, you were better than average. At least that's something.

Riddick: Tell me something useful, before I come up with a better idea.
Bonner: I don't know man! They're making *something* on this ship. I don't know what. Some kinda robots or something.
Riddick: You don't know anything.
Bonner: I guess... I guess not.

Bonner: You've just stepped into the downtown of sphincter central!
Riddick: Yeah. I figured that out when I saw you.

Riddick: The supply depot. The old man gets a gas mask, and the mercs... get a nasty surprise.

Riddick: The SCAR gun: originally designed to make people's lives easier... But in the right hands it's an efficient and violent way to end them.
Riddick: ...It's in the right hands now.

Riddick: [Saving Revas from a fatal fall] It didn't have to be this way.
Revas: Why does it fucking matter anyway?
Revas: Just... Don't forget me.
Riddick: [Revas loses her grip and falls to her death] You said you're used to living hard, so dying should come easy.

[Last lines]
Lynn Silverman: Is she coming back?
Riddick: When I say goodbye, it's forever.

Merc: [Taunting] Who's your daddy?
Riddick: [the player kills the merc] Riddick.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004) (V)
Richard B. Riddick: First you're a boy. Then you're a girl. And now you're a psychic. Careful what you wish for, Jack.

Richard B. Riddick: Call off your lap dog.

Richard B. Riddick: Careful, you may find what you're digging for.

Richard B. Riddick: The girl is nothing to me.

Chillingsworth: You see, Riddick, there is fundamental difference between you and I.
Richard B. Riddick: Yeah. You're a psychopath.
Chillingsworth: You don't appreciate art. But I believe the reason for this is something very different than you or anyone else might think. You're an artist.
Richard B. Riddick: I've been called a lot of things in my day. That ain't one of 'em.

Richard B. Riddick: Get her on her feet.
Abu 'Imam' al-Walid: I cannot see!
Richard B. Riddick: You don't want to.

Jack: I can keep up!
Richard B. Riddick: Maybe someday.

Richard B. Riddick: [after she kills Chillingsworth] Awfully uncivilized thing you just did there, Jack.