Mrs. Lovey Howell
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Mrs. Lovey Howell (Character)
from "Gilligan's Island" (1964)

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Rescue from Gilligan's Island (1978) (TV)
[Spotting a Coast Guard helicopter]
Skipper: I can't believe it. After 15 years, we're finally rescued.
Mr. Howell: Rescued.
Mrs. Howell: Rescued.
Ginger Grant: Rescued.
Mary Ann: Rescued.
Professor: Rescued.
Gilligan: Rescued.

Professor: [about the tsunami] Mind you, I haven't worked out all the details.
Mrs. Howell: I have one thing to say to you, Professor. Work out the details.

"The Real Gilligan's Island" (2004)
[they are digging through a pile of dead fish, reaching into each of them searching for a diamond ring]
The Millionaire's Wife: I'm not used to this... normally I just have to swallow.

The Millionaire's Wife: [after being exiled to the other side of the real Gilligan's Island] It seems that the classless billionaires won this.

"Gilligan's Island: Bang! Bang! Bang! (#3.29)" (1967)
Mrs. Lovey Howell: Don't just stand there Thurston-run!
Thurston Howell III: A Howell *never* runs in the face of danger!
[sound of explosion]
Thurston Howell III: he walks *very* fast.

"Gilligan's Island: Meet the Meteor (#2.32)" (1966)
Mary Ann Summers: [Gilligan is standing guard outside a hut where the Professor and the Skipper are assembling a geiger counter] Is everyone ready for the Christmas party?
Ginger Grant: Christmas party? You mean birthday party!
Lovey Howell: Anniversary party!
Thurston Howell III: Young man, what do you have to say for yourself?
Gilligan: Just one word.
[turns and opens door of hut]
Gilligan: HELP!
[Skipper and Professor fall over in surprise, ruining progress on assembling the Geiger counter]

"Gilligan's Island: Gilligan's Living Doll (#2.21)" (1966)
Professor Roy Hinkley: [All the castaways are present, seated or standing around the communal table with the radio on it. They are all ad-libbing as the Professor hears the radio] Wait a minute! Quiet! The announcement, quiet! Quiet!
Radio Announcer: And now they are activating the robot's receptor spools to see if they can find out how it got to Hawaii. The next voice you hear will be that of the robot.
Robot: [mechanically] I have been on a deserted island. The putt breaks to the right.
Thurston Howell III: Well, it was a lucky shot!
Robot: [mechanically] Sweep back and forth, back and forth. I was stranded. This is the way we wash our clothes.
Radio Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the scientists from the laboratory are checking to see exactly what went wrong. Perhaps now we can learn the reason the recorded messages are all scrambled... A WHAT?... Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, a RABBIT'S FOOT was just found in the robot!
[Everyone slowly looks directly at Gilligan, with those who were seated slowly getting up. Gilligan smiles rather embarrassingly whilst shying away from their stares]
Radio Announcer: It demagnetized the entire receptor spools. There is now no chance of finding out where the robot has been, who reprogrammed it, or how it got to Hawaii. For that matter, how the rabbit's foot got in there in the first place!
Jonas 'The Skipper' Grumby, Thurston Howell III, Mrs. Lovey Howell, Ginger Grant, Professor Roy Hinkley, Mary Ann Summers: [Almost unbelievingly] GILLIGAN?
Gilligan: I just thought it'd bring us some luck, ya know?
[Gilligan then slips under the table while the Skipper and Professor go after him as the scene fades out]

"Gilligan's Island: Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet (#2.9)" (1965)
Thurston Howell III: Gentlemen. I am Thurston Howell III and this of course is my wife, Mrs. Thurston Howell III.
Mrs. Lovey Howell: Charmed.
Igor: Capitalist! Exploiter!
Thurston Howell III: Capitalist. Exploiter. I was wrong Lovey. They're very friendly!

"Gilligan's Island: Music Hath Charms (#1.26)" (1965)
Mrs. Lovey Howell: [entering, seeing Gilligan playing a drum] Oh, Gilligan, I am hungry for music!
Gilligan: [pausing and holding up a drumstick] Would you like a drumstick?

"Gilligan's Island: Castaways Pictures Presents (#2.7)" (1965)
Professor Roy Hinkley: Well, it must be their old abandoned Yacht, and this is silent picture equipment.
Mrs. Lovey Howell: I just love those old silent pictures and those marvelous silent picture stars. Oh, look, darling. There's 'Theda Bara' And there's Little 'Mary Pickford' and 'Rudolph Valentino'.