Manolo Sanchez
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Manolo Sanchez (Character)
from Traffic (2000)

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Traffic (2000)
Manolo Sanchez: So, the Scorpion and Salazar are working together, and they're making a move on Juan Obregón? Do you know how much he would pay for information like that? A lot!
Javier Rodriguez: Take of your sunglasses.
Manolo Sanchez: What?
Javier Rodriguez: I said, take of your sunglasses.
Manolo Sanchez: Why?
Javier Rodriguez: I'm not kidding, Manolito. Take of your sunglasses.
[Manolo removes his sunglasses]
Javier Rodriguez: We will keep our mouths shut!

Tourist Woman: Don't you wanna know what kind of car it is?
Tourist Man: Yeah, it's a brown Ford Explorer...
Tourist Woman: - Look, it was right here, it's been stolen, I wanna file a report.
Manolo Sanchez: A report, will not help you find your car.
Javier Rodriguez: Eh; the police won't find your car.
Tourist Woman: You ARE the police!
Javier Rodriguez: [he writes down a number and hands it to her] You gonna call this man... and he'll find your car for you.
Tourist Man: I don't-I don't get it.
Tourist Woman: How is this guy gonna know who has our car?
Javier Rodriguez: ...the police will tell him.
Tourist Man: Why-why will they tell him and they won't tell us?
Tourist Woman: Because we pay him, stupid. Right? Then he pays the police and suddenly our car appears.
Javier Rodriguez: Es, es, es correct, es correct.
Tourist Woman: [quietly] Just give it to him, alright?
Tourist Man: I know.
Tourist Woman: Give him the money!
Javier Rodriguez: Let's start moving to the sidewalk.
Tourist Man: [offering the money] Take it.
Javier Rodriguez: Nononono.
Tourist Woman: No, please, take it!
Javier Rodriguez: Nononono, nono, let's start moving to the sidewalk, to the sidewalk, let's go to the sidewalk.
[disgusted, the couple start to walk off]
Javier Rodriguez: Call the man! Have a nice day.

[first lines]
Javier Rodriguez: [in Spanish] Last night I had an ugly nightmare.
Manolo Sanchez: [in Spanish] Oh yeah? What happened, man?