Caroline Wakefield
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Caroline Wakefield (Character)
from Traffic (2000)

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Traffic (2000)
Caroline Wakefield: Is this like freebasing?
Seth Abrahams: Not like. It is.

Caroline Wakefield: On the good days, I feel like I get it, like it all makes sense. I can stay in the moment, I don't have to control everything in the future, and I believe everything is gonna work out fine. On the bad days I just want to grab the phone and start dialing numbers. I want to pull my hair and run through the streets screaming. But thanks to the people I've met in these rooms, like Margaret and Jim and Sarah, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make it through today.

Caroline Wakefield: Fuck you. I wasn't doing anything. You're like the Gestapo.
Robert Wakefield: Well, fuck you.

Seth Abrahams: I want to have sex and then do a hit right as we're both cumming.
Caroline Wakefield: Ok.

Caroline Wakefield: None of my friends can fucking believe my Dad's actually the drug's...
Barbara Wakefield: Caroline.

Robert Wakefield: Open the god damn door!
Caroline Wakefield: One minute.

Robert Wakefield: Where are they? Where the hell are the drugs? Where are they?
Caroline Wakefield: Fuck you!

Caroline Wakefield: Will we get invited to the White House?
Robert Wakefield: I don't know about that, honey.

Seth Abrahams: Now you see.
Caroline Wakefield: Let's do some more.