Helena Ayala
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Helena Ayala (Character)
from Traffic (2000)

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Traffic (2000)
Helena Ayala: My husband was working on something he called "the project for the children". Were you aware of this?
Juan Obregón: I don't know. Perhaps I remember something...
[Helena reveals a Spastic Jack doll]
Juan Obregón: If you want to smuggle narcotics in Senore Espastico Jacobo, that is nothing new, Senora.
Helena Ayala: No, not *in*. The doll *is* cocaine. High-impact, pressure-molded cocaine. It's oderless. Undetectable by the dogs. Undetectable by anyone...
Juan Obregón: I don't believe you, Senora.

Francisco Flores: [about how he is going to assassinate Eduardo Ruiz] I want to use a bomb.
Helena Ayala: Are you kidding? Can't you just shoot him or something?
Francisco Flores: I don't really like guns. You shoot someone in the head three times and some pinche doctor will keep them alive.

Helena Ayala: [to Frankie] Now get out of the car and shoot him in the head!

Helena Ayala: I'm on the board of my son's school, I have fundraisers for adult literacy at my own home. I think I have a right to know if my husband is a legitimate business man.
Arnie Metzger: Of course he is.

[Carlos has just had Arnie killed]
Helena Ayala: Who was on the phone?
Carlos Ayala: Oh that was Arnie. He can't make it to the barbeque.

Juan Obregón: [hands her a mirror with cocaine on it] You first.
Helena Ayala: I'm six months pregnant, I won't do it.
Juan Obregón: Then we don't have a deal.
Helena Ayala: Yeah, right, we don't have a deal. I'm sorry to have wasted your time Mr. Obregón...
Juan Obregón: Okay. Okay, okay.
[sniffs cocaine]
Juan Obregón: That's good coke.
Helena Ayala: It should be... it's yours.

Helena Ayala: My husband was the victim of an informer in your organization, not in ours.
Juan Obregón: That is not true, Mrs. Ayala. Your route has been compromised. Perhaps it's time for me to deal with other distributers in California.
Helena Ayala: I don't think you're gonna do that.
Juan Obregón: You don't?
[Juan Obregón bursts into a hysterical laugh]

Helena Ayala: What's going on? They came into the house. They just took him away. They searched my home.
Arnie Metzger: Let me tell you what's happening, alright? Now, first of all, Carl is not here. The D.E.A. has got him and they're gonna hang on to him until his arraignment, which will probably be tomorrow, alright? So here, you're wasting your time, alright? Are you with me?
Helena Ayala: Yeah.
Arnie Metzger: Okay. Now, do not discuss anything over the telephone. Don't talk to your neighbors, stay out of your yard.

Helena Ayala: Nobody will help us. Nobody will take us in. Nobody wants anything to do with us, Carl. So you just tell me how you're going to make it up to me.
Carlos Ayala: Helena.
Helena Ayala: Just tell me what to do.

Carlos Ayala: Listen to me, I built our house, and I'm not going to lose it. My business, that would take a lot of private study. I suggest you look into the Coronel.
Helena Ayala: The painting?
Carlos Ayala: Into selling it. If you can stomach it. You should look into it.

Helena Ayala: [to Juan] I want the principle witness against my husband Eduardo Ruiz killed.

Helena Ayala: [to Arnie] How am I going to survive this?

Arnie Metzger: Stay out of things.
Helena Ayala: That is going to be rather difficult when all the evidence is against us.

Helena Ayala: Who does Carl sell to?
Arnie Metzger: You should not have any contact with those people.

Helena Ayala: [to Francisco] I have a job for you but I don't have much time.