The White Witch
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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
Fox: Forgive me, your Majesty.
Jadis The White Witch: Oh, don't waste my time with flattery.
Fox: Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you.
[looks at Edmund]

Jadis The White Witch: I can make anything you like.
Edmund Pevensie: Can you make me taller?

Jadis The White Witch: You know, Aslan, I'm a little disappointed in you. Did you honestly think by all this that you could save the human traitor? You are giving me your life and saving no one. So much for love. Tonight, the Deep Magic will be appeased, but tomorrow, we will take Narnia forever! In that knowledge, despair... and die!

[the witch has discovered Edmund has been rescued by Aslan's forces, and Ginarrbrik tied to the tree in Edmund's place]
Ginarrbrik: You're not going to kill me?
Jadis The White Witch: Not yet.

Jadis The White Witch: [to Edmund] Tell me, Edmond. Are your sisters deaf?
Edmund Pevensie: No.
Jadis The White Witch: And your brother, is he unintelligent?
Edmund Pevensie: Well, I think so. But Mum says...
Jadis The White Witch: [shouting] Then how dare you come alone!

Jadis The White Witch: I have no interest in prisoners. Kill them all.

[the White Witch is about to kill the Fox]
Edmund Pevensie: Wait, no don't. Beaver said something about The Stone Table. And that Aslan had an army there.
Jadis The White Witch: An army? Thank you, Edmund. I'm glad this creature got to see some honesty... before he dies!
[Jadis turns the Fox into stone]

Jadis The White Witch: [after stabbing Aslan] The great cat is dead!

Jadis The White Witch: How do I know your promise will be kept?
[Aslan roars]

Jadis The White Witch: Do you know why you're here, Faun?
Mr. Tumnus: Because, I believe in a free Narnia.
Jadis The White Witch: You're here because *he* turned you in... for sweeties.

Jadis The White Witch: If it's a war Aslan wants, it's a war he shall get.

Jadis The White Witch: We have work to do.

Jadis The White Witch: [slaps Edmund] You better think carefully about whose side you're on Edmund,
[forcefully turns his head to face the stone fox]
Jadis The White Witch: mine, or theirs.

Jadis The White Witch: If it's a war Aslan wants
[turns a butterfly into stone]
Jadis The White Witch: it's a war he shall get.

Jadis The White Witch: You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan.
Aslan: His offense was not against you.
Jadis The White Witch: Have you forgotten the laws upon which Narnia has been built?
Aslan: [almost a roar] Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.
Jadis The White Witch: Then you'll remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property
Peter Pevensie: [pulls out his sword] Try and take him then.
Jadis The White Witch: Do you really think that mere force will deny me my right little king? Aslan knows that in this, I had blood as the law demands. All of Narnia will be overturned and perish in fire and water. That boy will die on the stone table... as is tradition. You dare not to refuse me.
Aslan: Enough. I shall talk with you alone.

Aslan: She has renounced her claim on the Son of Adam's blood.
[Everybody cheers]
Jadis The White Witch: How do I know your promise will be kept?
[Aslan roars]

Jadis The White Witch: Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family.
Edmund Pevensie: Really? They're nothing special.
Jadis The White Witch: Oh. I'm sure they're not nearly as delightful as you are.
[She grabs Ginarrbrik's hat and wipes Edmund's lips to remove the mess. Then she hands it back to him]
Jadis The White Witch: But you see, Edmund, I have no children of my own. And you are exactly the sort of boy where I could see, one day, you becoming prince of Narnia - maybe even king.
Edmund Pevensie: Really?
Jadis The White Witch: Of course, you'd have to bring your family.
Edmund Pevensie: Oh. Do you mean Peter would be king, too?
Jadis The White Witch: No. No, no. But a king needs servants
Edmund Pevensie: I guess I can bring 'em.

Epic Movie (2007)
White Bitch: Behold, my white castle.
[she points to a White Castle restaurant across from them]
Edward: White Castle? I feel like I've been there before.

White Bitch: This crystal will finally put an end to the resistance. I will start a series of earthquakes that will collapse all of Gnarnia and grow a new continent where only I and my followers will live.
Bink: Yo, Bitch, that's pretty much the plot of Superman Returns.
White Bitch: Pretty much, yeah.

White Bitch: [holding crystal] Let's start things off with a bang, shall we?
Edward: But you'll kill millions.
White Bitch: Billions. Come on. Let me hear you say it.
Edward: My family will stop you!
White Bitch: WRONG!

White Bitch: God, I hate those fuckin' kids