Edmund Pevensie
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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
Susan Pevensie: The professor knew we were coming.
Edmund Pevensie: Perhaps we've been incorrectly labeled.

Jadis The White Witch: I can make anything you like.
Edmund Pevensie: Can you make me taller?

Maugrim: Be still, stranger, or you'll never move again. Who are you?
Edmund Pevensie: I'm Edmund. I met the Queen in the woods. She told me to come back here. I'm a Son of Adam!
Maugrim: Hmmm, my apologies, fortunate favored of the queen. Or else, not so fortunate.

Peter Pevensie: When are you gonna learn to grow up?
Edmund Pevensie: Shut up! You think you're dad, but you're NOT!

Lucy Pevensie: The sheets feel scratchy.
Susan Pevensie: Wars don't last forever, Lucy. We'll be home soon.
Edmund Pevensie: Yeah. If home is still there
Susan Pevensie: Isn't it time you're in bed?
Edmund Pevensie: [to Susan] Yes mum!
Peter Pevensie: Ed! You saw the outside. This place is huge. We can do whatever we want here. Tomorrow's gonna be great. Really.

Edmund Pevensie: If home's still there.

Mr. Beaver: Peter said, 'Get out of here!'
Edmund Pevensie: Peter's not king yet!

Lucy Pevensie: I wouldn't lie about this!
Edmund Pevensie: Well, I believe you.
Lucy Pevensie: You do?
Edmund Pevensie: Yeah, of course. Didn't I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?

Susan Pevensie: Besides, we could all use the fresh air.
Edmund Pevensie: It's not like there isn't air inside.

Lucy Pevensie: Are you all right? You look awful.
Edmund Pevensie: Well, what do you expect? I mean, it's freezing! How do we get out of here?

Peter Pevensie: She's right. He's gone.
Edmund Pevensie: Then you'll have to lead us.
Edmund Pevensie: Peter, there's an army out there, and it's ready to follow you.
Peter Pevensie: I can't.
Edmund Pevensie: Aslan believed you could. And so do I.

Jadis The White Witch: [to Edmund] Tell me, Edmond. Are your sisters deaf?
Edmund Pevensie: No.
Jadis The White Witch: And your brother, is he unintelligent?
Edmund Pevensie: Well, I think so. But Mum says...
Jadis The White Witch: [shouting] Then how dare you come alone!

[the White Witch is about to kill the Fox]
Edmund Pevensie: Wait, no don't. Beaver said something about The Stone Table. And that Aslan had an army there.
Jadis The White Witch: An army? Thank you, Edmund. I'm glad this creature got to see some honesty... before he dies!
[Jadis turns the Fox into stone]

Lucy Pevensie: It's all right! I'm back! I'm all right!
Edmund Pevensie: Shut up! He's coming!
Peter Pevensie: You know, I'm not sure you two have quite got the idea of this game.
Lucy Pevensie: Weren't you wondering where I was?
Edmund Pevensie: That's the point. That was why he was seeking you!
Susan Pevensie: Does this mean I win?
Peter Pevensie: I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore.

Peter Pevensie: Well done, Ed.
Edmund Pevensie: You bowled it!

[Peter hands Edmund a fur coat]
Edmund Pevensie: But that's a girl's coat!
Peter Pevensie: [nods] I know.

Susan Pevensie: Gastrovascular... Come on, Peter. Gastrovascular.
Peter Pevensie: Is it Latin?
Susan Pevensie: Yes.
Edmund Pevensie: Is it Latin for "worst game ever invented"?
[Susan shuts her dictionary]
Lucy Pevensie: We could play hide and seek?
Peter Pevensie: But, we're already having so much fun.
[looks at Susan]

Edmund Pevensie: [horse rears up] Whoa, Horsey.
Philip the Horse: My name is Philip.

Edmund Pevensie: I shouldn't have encouraged her but you know what little children are like these days. They just don't know when to stop pretending.

Edmund Pevensie: Who's Aslan?

Jadis The White Witch: Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family.
Edmund Pevensie: Really? They're nothing special.
Jadis The White Witch: Oh. I'm sure they're not nearly as delightful as you are.
[She grabs Ginarrbrik's hat and wipes Edmund's lips to remove the mess. Then she hands it back to him]
Jadis The White Witch: But you see, Edmund, I have no children of my own. And you are exactly the sort of boy where I could see, one day, you becoming prince of Narnia - maybe even king.
Edmund Pevensie: Really?
Jadis The White Witch: Of course, you'd have to bring your family.
Edmund Pevensie: Oh. Do you mean Peter would be king, too?
Jadis The White Witch: No. No, no. But a king needs servants
Edmund Pevensie: I guess I can bring 'em.

Older Edmund: You all right, Phillip?
Philip the Horse: [panting] I'm not as young as I once was.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)
Lucy Pevensie: I wonder who lived here.
Susan Pevensie: [picks up a small gold statue] I think we did.
Edmund Pevensie: Hey, that's mine! From my chess set!
Peter Pevensie: Which chess set?
Edmund Pevensie: Well, I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I?

King Miraz: Tell me, Prince Edmund...
Edmund Pevensie: King.
King Miraz: I beg your pardon.
Edmund Pevensie: It's King Edmund, actually. Just King, though. Peter's the High King.
[awkward pause]
Edmund Pevensie: I know, it's confusing.

[Edmund has helped Peter out of a fight in the English subway]
Edmund Pevensie: You're welcome.
Peter Pevensie: [Peter stands up] I had it sorted.
Susan Pevensie: What was it this time?
Peter Pevensie: He bumped me.
Lucy Pevensie: So you hit him?
Peter Pevensie: No, after he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him.
Susan Pevensie: Really, is it that hard to just walk away?
Peter Pevensie: I shouldn't have to! I mean, don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?
Edmund Pevensie: We are kids!
Peter Pevensie: Well, I wasn't always.

[after destroying the ice wall, which summons the White Witch]
Edmund Pevensie: [to Peter] I know, you had it sorted.

Edmund Pevensie: [to Miraz concerning the proposed duel to the death] So you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?

Prince Caspian: [Caspian and Peter begin a swordfight. Peter's sword gets stuck in a tree, so he attempts to pick up a rock to hit Caspian]
Lucy Pevensie: No! Stop!
Peter Pevensie: [after seeing the Narnians gathering around] Prince Caspian?
Prince Caspian: Yes. And who are you?
[Susan and Edmund run over]
Susan Pevensie: Peter!
Prince Caspian: High King Peter?
Peter Pevensie: I believe you called.
Prince Caspian: Yes, but... I thought you'd be... older.
Peter Pevensie: Well if you like, we can come back in a few years.
Prince Caspian: No! No, it's alright! You're not exactly what I expected.
Prince Caspian: [locks eyes with Susan]
Edmund Pevensie: Neither are you.

Susan Pevensie: [referring to Peter] I wish he'd just listened to the D.L.F. in the first place!
Edmund Pevensie: D.L.F.?
Lucy Pevensie: Dear Little Friend.
Trumpkin: Oh... that's not at all patronizing, is it?

Lucy Pevensie: [holding up one of her old dresses] I was so tall.
Susan Pevensie: Well, you were older then.
Edmund Pevensie: As opposed to hundreds of years later, when you're younger.

[watching Susan kiss Caspian goodbye]
Lucy Pevensie: I'm sure when I'm older, I'll understand.
Edmund Pevensie: I'm older and I don't think I *want* to understand...

Susan Pevensie: Oh no! Pretend you're talking to me!
Edmund Pevensie: We *are* talking to you.

Edmund Pevensie: [to Peter] Keep smiling.

Edmund Pevensie: [after no one believes that Lucy had really seen Aslan] The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid.

Edmund Pevensie: [after stabbing the ice wall, preventing Peter from resurrecting the White Witch] Yeah, I know. You had it sorted.

[last lines]
Edmund Pevensie: Do you think there's any way we can go back?
Edmund Pevensie: [the Pevensies all stare at him] I left my new torch in Narnia.

[after rescuing Trumpkin]
Lucy Pevensie: Why were they trying to kill you, anyway?
Trumpkin: They're Telmarines. That's what they do.
Edmund Pevensie: Telmarines? In Narnia?
Trumpkin: Where have you been for the last few hundred years?
Lucy Pevensie: That's a bit of a long story.
[Susan hands Peter his sword, and comprehension dawns on Trumpkin]
Trumpkin: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. You're it? You're the kings and queens of old?

[after Lucy is nearly attacked by a bear]
Susan Pevensie: Why wouldn't he stop?
Trumpkin: I suspect he was hungry.
Lucy Pevensie: Thanks.
Edmund Pevensie: He was wild.
Peter Pevensie: I don't think he could talk at all.
Trumpkin: You get treated like a dumb animal long enough, that's what you become. You may find Narnia a more savage place than you remember.

[searching the ruins of Cair Paravel, Edmund comes across a large boulder]
Edmund Pevensie: Catapults.
Peter Pevensie: What?
Edmund Pevensie: This didn't just happen. Cair Paravel was attacked.

King Miraz: [laughs] This is not a question of bravery.
Edmund Pevensie: So you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?

Lucy Pevensie: I was so tall.
Susan Pevensie: You were older then.
Edmund Pevensie: As opposed to hundreds of years later... when you're younger.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)
[from trailer]
Edmund Pevensie: So, if there are no wars to fight, then why are we here?

[from trailer]
Edmund Pevensie: Squirt? I'm a king.
Lucy Pevensie: Not in this world.

[from trailer]
Edmund Pevensie: Lucy, have you seen this ship before?
Lucy Pevensie: It's very Narnian looking, isn't it?

Lilliandil: [Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look up into the sky as a brilliant blue light descends upon them]
Lucy Pevensie: Look!
[the light transforms into Lilliandril]
Lilliandil: Travelers of Narnia, I am your guide.
King Caspian: You are most beautiful.
Lilliandil: If it is a distraction for you, I-I can change forms.
Edmund Pevensie, King Caspian: Noo!
[Caspian and Edmund look at each other. Lucy looks at them and rolls her eyes]

[first lines]
Intake Officer: Are you sure you're eighteen?
Edmund Pevensie: Why? Do I look older?

Eustace Clarence Scrubb: What rubbish! See? That's what happens when you read all of those fanciful novels on fairy tales of yours.
Edmund Pevensie: There once was a boy called Eustace/who read books full of facts that were useless.

Edmund Pevensie: So, what was it like... when Aslan changed you back?
Eustace Clarence Scrubb: No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't do it myself. Then he came towards me. It sort of hurt, but... it was a good pain. You know, like when you pull a thorn from your foot.

Eustace Clarence Scrubb: What's so fascinating about that picture, anyway? It's hideous.
Edmund Pevensie: You won't see it from the other side of the door.

Reepicheep: [listening to Eustace rant] He's quite the complainer, isn't he?
Edmund Pevensie: He's just warming up.

"The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe: Episode #1.1" (1988)
Edmund Pevensie: WHY did we have to go? I'd much rather stay in London and see the war!
Peter Pevensie: This war is going to be very nasty, Edmund! Which is why we're all being sent away!
Edmund Pevensie: Spoil-sports grownups...
Susan Pevensie: They're doing it for our sakes, Edmund! When the bombs stop falling on London...
Lucy: [turns to Susan, and clutches her arm] I wish Mother and Nanny could've come with us...
Edmund Pevensie: Well, I don't think it's fair. They'd be right there! In all the excitement!
Peter Pevensie: All that danger, you mean! Don't talk such a tosh...
Susan Pevensie: We are lucky, Edmund! We're going away deep into the countryside, where we'll be safe!
Edmund Pevensie: Yes. And you know WHY we'll be safe! Because in the country, NOTHING ever happens!