Prince Caspian
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Prince Caspian (Character)
from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)
Prince Caspian: Two days ago, I didn't believe in the existence of talking animals... of dwarves or... or centaurs. Yet here you are, in strengths and numbers that we Telmarines could never have imagined. Whether this horn
[raises horn for all to see]
Prince Caspian: is magic or not, it brought us together... and together, we have a chance to take back what is ours!

Doctor Cornelius: [wakes Prince Caspian]
Prince Caspian: Five more minutes.

Lucy Pevensie: What happened?
Peter Pevensie: Ask him.
Susan Pevensie: Peter!
Prince Caspian: Me? You could have called it off, there was still time.
Peter Pevensie: No, there wasn't, thanks to you. If you had kept to the plan, those soldiers might be alive right now.
Prince Caspian: And if you just had stayed here, as I suggested, they definitely would be!
Peter Pevensie: You called us, remember?
Prince Caspian: My first mistake.
Peter Pevensie: No. Your first mistake was thinking you could lead these people.
[turns around and begins to walk off]
Prince Caspian: Hey!
[Peter turns to look at him]
Prince Caspian: I am not the one who abandoned Narnia.
Peter Pevensie: You invaded Narnia. You have no more right leading than Miraz does.
[Caspian pushes past Peter]
Peter Pevensie: You, him, your father! Narnia's better off without the lot of you!
[Caspian and Peter draw swords, intending to attack each other]

Prince Caspian: [gives Susan her horn back] Maybe it's time you had this back.
Susan Pevensie: [gives the horn back] Why don't you hold on to it - you might need to call me again.
[a pause while Susan and Caspian exchange a long glance]
Lucy Pevensie: [quoting Susan as they ride off] "You might need to call me again"?
Susan Pevensie: Oh, shut up.

[the Pevensies are preparing to leave Narnia]
Prince Caspian: I wish we could have had more time together.
Susan Pevensie: We never would have worked, anyway.
Prince Caspian: Why not?
Susan Pevensie: Well, I am 1300 years older than you.

Prince Caspian: [Caspian and Peter begin a swordfight. Peter's sword gets stuck in a tree, so he attempts to pick up a rock to hit Caspian]
Lucy Pevensie: No! Stop!
Peter Pevensie: [after seeing the Narnians gathering around] Prince Caspian?
Prince Caspian: Yes. And who are you?
[Susan and Edmund run over]
Susan Pevensie: Peter!
Prince Caspian: High King Peter?
Peter Pevensie: I believe you called.
Prince Caspian: Yes, but... I thought you'd be... older.
Peter Pevensie: Well if you like, we can come back in a few years.
Prince Caspian: No! No, it's alright! You're not exactly what I expected.
Prince Caspian: [locks eyes with Susan]
Edmund Pevensie: Neither are you.

Nikabrik: I told you we should have killed him when we had the chance.
Trufflehunter: You know why we can't!
Prince Caspian: If we're taking a vote, I'm with him.

Trufflehunter: [after fighting with Nikabrik in Trufflehunter's house and knocking down a bowl of soup] Look what you made me do!
Trufflehunter: Spent half the morning on that soup...
Prince Caspian: What are you?
Trufflehunter: You know, it's funny that you should ask that. You'd think more people would know a badger when they see one.
Prince Caspian: No, I mean you're Narnians. You're supposed to be extinct.
Nikabrik: Sorry to disappoint you.

Prince Caspian: Minotaurs? They're real?
Trufflehunter: And very bad-tempered.
Nikabrik: Not to mention big.
Trufflehunter: *Huge*.

Prince Caspian: [to Uncle] Tonight, for once, I want the truth! Did you kill my father?

[Caspian, Peter, Edmund, and Susan all kneel in front of Aslan]
Aslan: Rise, Kings and Queens of Narnia.
[Peter, Edmund, and Susan stand up, but Caspian stays, head bowed, on one knee]
Aslan: All of you.
Prince Caspian: I do not think I am ready.
Aslan: It's for that very reason, I know you are.

Reepicheep: [standing on Caspian with his sword pointed at him] Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine!
Prince Caspian: [rather scared] You are a mouse.
Reepicheep: [sighs] I was hoping for something a little more original. Pick up your sword.
Prince Caspian: [looks at his sword then looks back at Reepicheep] Uh... no thanks.
Reepicheep: Pick it up! I will not fight an unarmed man.
Prince Caspian: Which is why I might live longer if I choose not to cross blades with you, noble mouse.
Reepicheep: I said I would not fight you. I didn't say I'd let you live.
Trufflehunter: [from a small distance] Reepicheep! Stay your blade!
Reepicheep: Trufflehunter? I trust you have a very good reason for this untimely interruption!
Nikabrik: He doesn't. Go ahead.

Prince Caspian: [offers Susan the horn] Look. Maybe it is time you had this back.
Susan Pevensie: Why don't you hold on to it. You might need to call me again.
Lucy Pevensie: [riding away with Susan] You might need to call me again?
Susan Pevensie: Oh, shut up.

Prince Caspian: Why did you never tell me about my father?
Doctor Cornelius: My mother was a Black Dwarf from the Northern Mountains. I've risked my life all these years so that, one day, you might be a better king than those before you.
Prince Caspian: Then I have failed you.
Doctor Cornelius: Everything I told you, everything I didn't, it was only because I believe in you. You have a chance to become the most noble contradiction in history - the Telmarine who saved Narnia.

Peter Pevensie: It's only a matter of time. Miraz's men and war machines are on their way. That means those same men aren't protecting his castle.
Reepicheep: What do you propose we do, Your Majesty?
[Both Caspian and Peter begin to speak over each other; Peter turns and silences him with a glare]
Peter Pevensie: Our only hope is to strike them before they strike us.
Prince Caspian: Well, that's crazy. No one has ever taken that castle!
Peter Pevensie: There's always a first time.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)
Lilliandil: [Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy look up into the sky as a brilliant blue light descends upon them]
Lucy Pevensie: Look!
[the light transforms into Lilliandril]
Lilliandil: Travelers of Narnia, I am your guide.
King Caspian: You are most beautiful.
Lilliandil: If it is a distraction for you, I-I can change forms.
Edmund Pevensie, King Caspian: Noo!
[Caspian and Edmund look at each other. Lucy looks at them and rolls her eyes]

King Caspian: Now's the time to be strong. Never give in.

King Caspian: What sort of creatures are you?
Chief Dufflepud: Big ones. With the head of a tiger and the body of a... um...
Dufflepud #2: Different tiger!

Eustace Clarence Scrubb: That giant rat thing just tried to claw my face off!
Reepicheep: I was merely trying to expel the water from your lungs, sir.
Eustace Clarence Scrubb: It talked! Did you see? Did anyone just hear that? It talked!
Telmarine Sailor: He always talks.
King Caspian: Actually, it's getting him to shut up that's the trick.

King Caspian: I want you to know, I think of you as my brother, Ed.

King Caspian: [upon seeing Eustace, who has turned into a dragon] Anyone knows a dragon's treasure is enchanted.
Eustace Clarence Scrubb: [Frowns at Caspian]
King Caspian: Well, anyone from here.

Disaster Movie (2008)
[Will dreams he is a Jumper. He jumps and is impaled by Prince Caspian's sword]
Prince Caspian: It's the guy who ruined Star Wars.